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Thread: Help...Looking for Honest Answers ! How To Rescind Westgate

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    Great to see that an old thread is still saving people thousands of dollars and headaches.
    Welcome to the forum Nelson and I hope you stick around.
    Timeshares can be a great thing if you purchase the right one.
    If you enjoy the lifestyle they can be a great thing.
    Some of us have gathered a few along the years.
    I've got 8 myself. They are my answer to a 2nd home.

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    If someone buys from the developer there is something about timesharing that was wanted. If you buy and rescind, you should look at the other way to get into timesharing- the resale market. Buying resale is nearly always much more inexpensive, enabling you to pay or your ownership in cash and without the pressure a developer salesman can apply. After my early '80's developer purchase and subsequent rescission, I was aware of timesharing but didn't see the resale possibility until the 90's. Since then I have owned in 3 countries, vacationed in 2 and had nearly 200 timeshare week stays. After much buying and owning up to 9 weeks and now down to 3 after many more sales and buys I like the idea of keeping space open to buy another week, just in case a great opportunity presents itself.

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