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    Question Availability Check

    Is there a Wyndham owner that can check to see if there is a 7 night stay anytime in July or early August in a 2 bedroom at Great Smokies Lodge, and if so what kind of price I can expect to pay? My understanding is most renters are charging about $5 per 1000 points. The points charts I have are old from 2011/2012 and a 2 bedroom then was 224,000 points. I'm estimating about $1100 dollars. This is not for myself, but a client.

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    There are no 7 night blocks available from mid May to mid August. The points chart has not changed.

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    My understanding is most renters are charging about $5 per 1000 points.
    This is probably also out of date.

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    I would expect it to cost quite a bit more. This is a resort that you need ARP or booking at 10 months to get a nice summer week. There isn't going to be any VIP discounts or upgrades available. If you wanted a mid week during off season, you might find it for $5 or less or alternatively another option would be a last minute cancellation.

    I think it would be similar to finding a 2 br 7 night stay at Wilderness Club at Big Cedar in July and trying to get it 4 months in advance at a rate of $100-$150 more than an owner pays in MF's.


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