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Still not a great ROI. Dues are about $6, so you net $10. That's a pre-tax return of 6.25%.
I don't think most people buy Disney as an "investment".
I do know a few mega renters who did. I'm not that brave.
We all know how these developers can put the brakes on renting anytime and mess with your business plans.:roll eyes:

Disney does have a 20 reservation maximum per year. I'm sure there are ways around it.
But it's nice to know that you get something more than just MF's for your money when you can't use your points and need to rent them.
Can't say the same with my other ownerships although my "investment" in them is nil compared to what I paid for DVC.
It's certainly not for everyone but works nicely if you live near Disney. I probably wouldn't buy if I lived out of state.
Same goes for most of my ownerships come to think of it.