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Thread: The new Ukraine ''ceasefire'' and Debaltseve

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    My staff member's family has still not heard from their relatives in Debaltseve. They are concerned about reports that so far there have been over 500 bodies of civilians found in cellars of destroyed houses, but also have learned that destroyed cell phone towers mean those alive have difficulty communicating to the outside.

    It is a tragedy for those killed and injured in this war, and that also goes for the Russian soldiers who are there. Some of their losses are described in this video:

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    Here is a VOA article with some video of war damage in a village just outside Debaltseve:

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    The US ambassador to the UN has addressed the Debaltseve situation in the Security Council:

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    My colleague's relatives are okay, physically, although their house is partially wrecked. They got someone to carry a letter to Donetsk, finally.

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    Interesting perspective from one of the fighters, as reported by Radio Free Europe:

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