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Thread: RCI - each of the Diamond Resorts charges an amenities fee

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    Some resorts treat exchangers from different exchange companies differently. I was checking into a resort some summers ago on the French Riviera, and the people in line ahead of me were RCI exchangers, who had to pay over a hundred euros in extra fees to the resort. When it was my turn as a DAE exchanger, I only had one fee which was less than ten euros, and that one was also charged to their own members, so I regarded it as fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolinian View Post
    I wish it were possible to do a reciprocal system, where our resorts could charge people trading in from a resort that had such fees an identical fee, but not charge it to people trading in from resorts which did not impose such fees.
    I completely agree with this! I particularly resent having to pay for utilities and housekeeping. When I exchange my Worldmark ownership, I pay housekeeping fees or use a housekeeping credit so why so I pay again while owners from those resorts benefit from at my expense?

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