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Thread: DRI - Cabo Azul Hurricane Odile disaster response

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    DRI - Cabo Azul Hurricane Odile disaster response

    I just got off the phone with Stephen Cloobeck of DRI. I had e-mailed him about DRI's response to Hurricane Odile and making sure that DRI staff at Cabo Azul were being responded to and recognized for their efforts on behalf of guests, and were being taken care of.

    He told me that he, personally, had gone to Cabo to assess the situation and ensure that staff were being taken care of. He spoke to me personally of the scope of the disaster and the crisis that the region is going through.

    He told me that DRI has a disaster relief fund that is being used to respond to situations. He was not at liberty to talk about specific situations, but he assured me that a priority for DRI has been ensuring that needs of their local staff are being addressed and that everyone still has a job even thought the resort is closed for repairs.

    In speaking with him, the impact of the situation on him personally was evident. This isn't just an issue of getting a resort up and running once again. He didn't have to go to Cabo to deal with that. But he went because he thought it was necessary to be there for support and encouragement of the local staff and to personally ensure that they were being taken care of.

    And he took the time to call me, personally, at 11 pm in the evening, to respond to my inquiries.
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    It is nice to hear a corporation cares for its' employees.

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    It sure is. There is a lot of damage and it will take time to get everything back to normal again. Local people also had a lot of water damage. Very sad.

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    I am glad to hear DRI is helping their employees so much they will need all the help and support they can get. That gesture on their part makes me feel better about owning with them.


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