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Thread: Only in China! Cockroach farm. For real on CNN.

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    Only in China! Cockroach farm. For real on CNN.

    Sorry I just have to share the love. There are plenty of hoax videos out there like the elephants eating cell phones, and ending up in a pile of ... Well you know.

    But this one appears to be real. And it is from CNN so how could it be a hoax!
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    Yes, dried cockroach powder is a Chinese herb. Helps many skin conditions.
    Wikipedia article

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    Entomophagy (eating insects) is considered normal by many people in Asia and Africa. Some insects (like those roaches) are quite unpalatable as a food but grinding them into a powder for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine is common. Cockroaches were credited with providing useful nutrition to some of our people (who managed to catch them), whilst they were imprisoned in various jails around Asia. Australian Indigenous people traditionally include certain ants, grubs, beetles and lizards in their diet.
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    Thanks for sharing. Not.


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