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Thread: Point expiration during probate

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    Point expiration during probate

    Hello there. We are new to timeshares but are in the process of inheriting 2 in the state of California from my father-in-law who willed them to us. The one we are currently dealing with is Diamond Resorts and it is an every other year timeshare. I will first say this process is certainly no fun, and the people we have spoken to at customer service have been rude and not knowledgeable at all, except for one billing supervisor who is helping us quite a bit. My question is can the points that have expired during the now year and a half long process be reinstated due to the fact that the delay in banking them was the death of the owner and the probate process?

    In California late fees and other service fees must be waived in this circumstance by law, and these fees were waived thanks to the supervisor we are working with but I can't find any info on if the points are protected as well. Anyone have an idea on this? We could really use a leg to stand on here. Thanks so much in advance.

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    Contact these Diamond Employees:
    Patrick Duffy Chief Experience Officer
    Jeff Shelton Executive Resolutions
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares


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