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Thread: interesting historic photos of Crimean War

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    interesting historic photos of Crimean War

    Not really a current event, but this does not seem to fit any of the other categories either. Still a very interesting set of photos of the 1853-1856 Crimean War:

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    Thanks for posting this. Amazing photographs. I like number 23, with the soldiers posing like fashionistas in their "winter dress."

    The last one, of the officer in Zouave costume, was especially interesting to me. Van Gogh and Manet painted models in Zouave dress, I thought because it was colorful. But this suggests it was to honor Zouave soldiers for assisting the British during the Crimean war. I guess it was probably a combination of the two....

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    lordie, how wonderful.

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    Thanks for the post.
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    What I found interesting is all of the hats. I like the hats on picture 2. The guy with the tall hat with the stripe and tassel has a cool hat, imo.


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