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Thread: DVC Grand Floridian Review - Feb 2014.

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    Thought I'd posted to this thread. Huh. Thanks muchly for the review and pics, Chris!

    Quote Originally Posted by chriskre View Post
    Could get pricey if you are a party of 10 and people change their
    minds. We did have an issue getting to one of our reservations on time so
    I called up the Reservation line and they are able to rebook you in the same
    restaurant, space available of course for no extra fee but if it's not available,
    then say adios to your $30. Personally I think this is wrong.
    Supposedly they did this because so many people were making reservations at multiple restaurants, so they could have their pick once they got around to eating, and then cancelling all the ones they didn't want at the last minute. Certainly there were a lot of people on the Dis who did that sort of thing, and I'm sure that once the people who do that get past a certain percentage point it's a real bear for Disney, because they end up scheduling in more workers than they end up needing and whatnot. I don't like the fact that a Disney restaurant reservation doesn't mean there's an actual table reserved for you at that time (if we have a local reservation, I can expect to show up on time and walk to our table with no more than a five minute delay).

    Quote Originally Posted by chriskre View Post
    It's about a short 1 block walk to the building, but that can be
    like a marathon for some.
    By Disney standards, that's actually pretty close.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArtsieAng View Post
    I'll be waiting for the day they show up in RCI, before I ever stay there.
    Ditto. Doubt I'll ever stay at WDW unless I'm trading through RCI, although I suppose we might rent points for a Grand Villa with the kids and their eventual families someday.

    Quote Originally Posted by chriskre View Post
    Do they still do the parasol parade? I'd heard that was phased out years back.

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    Ah, that's my kind of fridge (water and wine).

    Thanks for the photos and review!

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