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Thread: Blue Tooth Head set

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    Blue Tooth Head set

    Need recommendations on a blue tooth head set for my cell phone. Thanks.

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    Headset for Cell Phone

    What brand cell phone will you be
    using with the Bluetooth headset?

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    The 10 Best Blue Tooth Head Sets from PC Mag

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    Currently have Motorola Droid Razor Maxx, but will probably change in April.

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    Post Plantonics Voayger Legend

    Quote Originally Posted by riverdees05 View Post
    Need recommendations on a bluetooth headset for my cell phone. Thanks.
    There are many things to consider when buying a Bluetooth headset such as sound quality, design, battery life and of course, price. Fortunately, plantronics voyager Legend ticks amost all of those boxes.

    rom Design, you would hardly feel that it is a high-end Bluetooth device. It is entirely made of plastic, with some exception of rubber on its earloop for a better fit. It also has that big and bulky boom arm-like mic, like Jabra Motion. Even your grandfather can tell you that it is one of the largest Bluetooth Headset around – let alone a compact Headset. But still, keep in mind, that was released more than four years back. That’s why you can’t argue much about design.

    The Legend has two buttons — one for voice and other for Calls — on its boom microphone. On the other hand, there is a power button — below a volume up/down toggle button — on earloop’ base. You will get three ear tips of different sized out of the box, and two foam pads for a better fit if you want ’em. You can wear the Legend in both of you ears, just rotate the boom, twist it and switch your ears.

    Overall, its design is OK, and fitting is very good. And it is very light when compared to its size. But if you want a Bluetooth Headset for best design, lightweight and comfort, you can go for Jawbone Era.

    Even though it is a bit old, it has features what most of new Bluetooth Headsets offer nowadays. We’ll start with connectivity options. One important thing that it has Bluetooth 3.0, not the latest 4.0.

    Anyways you can connect it with your Bluetooth phone, just by holding up that call button and by saying ‘Pair Mode’. Yes, it also features different voice commands. To learn what types of commands you can say, you will have to say: ‘What can I say’, and you will found all of that list.

    It has some built-in sensors which will detect that whether you’re wearing the Legend or Not. Based on those scenarios, it will either mute that call or answer it.
    Its sound quality is best among all. Even though Noise Cancellation is not at its best, what you will get is a pure, full and clear voice over calls. Despite average Noise isolation, there is virtually no background Noise.

    Other features include A2DP, which means you can stream music from podcast/your phones or even prompt from GPS apps. Through multi-point support, you can connect it to multiple devices and switch between one another. Then we have Vocalyst, a subscription-based app from Plantronics, which reads your emails and Facebook/twitter updates. After one free year, its fee is $25 per year.

    Bluetooth range is good, but not very best. In our testing, it lasted for more than seven hours – which is quite good. For improved charging, Legend uses the magnetic adapter – which is better than the conventional microUSB connector. Therefore, it takes one and a half hours to charge fully.

    You can also check some other bluetooth headsets here.

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    I bought one off ebay. I use it for walks and working on stuff. It pairs with my g-7 phone and my laptop. The battery lasts a really long time. It works good and it is cheap enough that if I loose it I would just get another.


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    I have the the plantronics voyager legend. For me, I use it to listen to the phone, music, podcast type programs, etc. But of course, phone calls are important too. I find this to be probably the best headset I have had for quality of me to the person on the phone and how I hear them.

    The odd thing on this is the charging system. It has a magnet connection, not the standard micro USB that most phones have. It works okay, most of the time it is a quick and easy connection, but sometimes a little extra tap may insure a solid electrical connection.

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    Now I see this is a very old thread that was reactivated. Info is still useful, but the OP phone has probably been changed beyond the next phone.


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