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Thread: New Marriott Vacation Club destinations

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    New Marriott Vacation Club destinations

    It has been some time now since Marriott unveiled a new destination club resort (I think Hawaii was the most recent locale). Does anyone have any intel on new locations? I keep hearing Mexico is a possibility (for 3 years now), but have not seen a thing. I'd love to hear back!

    Many thanks.
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    Think they are more likely to sell some locations they have done in Marjorca / Mallorca and now possibly Paris and mainland Spain .
    Tuscany was planned but nothing happened .....

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    I think Kauai Lagoons is probably their newest property, though Crystal Shores wasn't long before. Kauai Lagoons was originally slated to be a Ritz Residence I beleive and was converted to MVCI in the collapse of the real estate market.

    I don't foresee any new locations being added any time soon. They have too many unfinished projects that I think they will finish first;

    Grand Chateau (building tower three of four planned)
    Lakeshore Reserve (apparently they have moved the sales gallery in anticipation of beginning construction soon).
    Crystal Shores (website indicates that construction on next phases to begin in late 2014)
    Harbour Lake
    Willow Ridge Lodge
    Canyon Villas
    Fairway Villas
    Frenchman's Cove
    Shadow Ridge

    Too many incomplete projects to begin starting more IMO.

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