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Thread: Cheapskate Wednesday tomorrow (June 19) at WTSO

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    Cheapskate Wednesday tomorrow (June 19) at WTSO

    Cheapskate Wednesday tomorrow at
    “Maybe you shouldn't dress like that.”

    “This is a blouse and skirt. I don't know what you're talking about.”

    “You shouldn't wear that body.”

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    Dear WTSO Member,

    Have you cleared your calendar for tomorrow?
    Time is running out because...

    YES! TOMORROW! And we're pulling out all the stops to offer you deeply discounted wines at blazing speed (with Free Shipping!). This is our "Marathon" format where each wine is only available for 15 minutes or less.
    Here are the event details:

    • Cheapskate Wednesday will run from 6am to midnight Eastern Time.
    • We will be posting offers every 15 minutes (or sooner if an item sells out).
    • Every item will be priced from $7.99 to $18.99
    • Ground shipping is FREE on an order of four or more bottles (must be the same wine - we cannot 'mix and match').
    • Except for individual requests to ship wine on a future date, all orders will ship from our warehouse by June 24th, 2013.
    • All orders MUST be placed online - no phone orders will be accepted.
    • We will send an email notice ONLY when the event begins. There will be NO EMAIL notices for any specific item during the event.
    • The only method of notification for EVERY item will be Twitter (details below). This is the fastest way to follow all the offers so you don't miss a wine. Otherwise please visit for the live deal.

    Why no emails?!: On Cheapskate Wednesday we will not send out email notifications for every new wine. We get as much feedback about this as anything else we do, so we want to clarify why we only post the updates on Twitter during the event. We want all our members to get notifications in the most convenient manner, and we don't want you to miss a thing! However it is impossible for technical reasons to send email notices for wines that will only be available for minutes. Specifically, it takes so much time to send an email to our large member base that by the time you would receive the email notification that item would already be gone. Plus sending over 100 emails in a single day to that many people would look suspicious and probably get our email filtered as junk. Neither of those are good outcomes, plus who wants 100 WTSO emails in their inbox in one day? Sorry - we know that not everyone has a Twitter account, but it is the fastest method of notification. Please know that the website is always the best way to see what deal is running live!

    How to follow the offers: Twitter is the best publishing medium for this kind of thing. You do not need a Twitter account to follow us. You can just load the Twitter page in your browser that day and it will refresh with each new item. You can see our Twitter page here: (again, there is no need to have a Twitter account).

    Twitter: If you have a Twitter account you can follow us and/or use a Twitter app to get notifications. Twitter also provides SMS notifications, which you can activate by texting "follow wtso" to phone number 40404. Note that this is a service provided by Twitter (standard text messaging rates apply), and WTSO has no responsibility or control over delivery. You can stop that service after you activate it by replying "stop" to one of the messages. Find us on Twitter at

    Smartphone Apps: We have smartphone apps for iPhone and for Android platforms. Both Apps normally notify you of new items each time they are offered, however we do not send theses "push" notifications to smart devices during our Marathon events because they may not arrive within the 15-minute window for each offering. Again, the best way to view the current deal is to visit

    Facebook: We will post updates, answer questions, and have some fun during the event on Facebook. However, we will not post every wine during Cheapskate Wednesday to our facebook page. (It just isn't being a good Facebook neighbor to do so). So please join us on our Facebook page for insights, hints, and fun!

    Have fun and get ready!

    Cheers from the WTSO Family
    “Maybe you shouldn't dress like that.”

    “This is a blouse and skirt. I don't know what you're talking about.”

    “You shouldn't wear that body.”


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