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Thread: Canada`s Majestic Castle Casa Loma

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    Canada`s Majestic Castle Casa Loma


    Just found some old slides and pictures
    of a Castle in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

    Searched Google and found the name

    Casa Loma, formerly known as Pellatt's Castle
    Has anyone visited Canada's Majestic Castle?

    www. casaloma .org

    Directions From the South

    Niagara, Hamilton, Mississauga

    Take the Queen Elizabeth Way Eastbound into Toronto.
    Continue along the Q.E.W.,
    (which turns into the Gardiner Expressway) to Spadina.
    Exit Northbound (which is the only way you can go) on Spadina.
    Continue north to Davenport Road (Spadina ends at Davenport).
    Turn left on Davenport, and take your first right (Walmer Road ),
    which takes you around to the front of the castle.

    Are there any Gold Crown timeshares near Toronto?

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    Marti, it has been years since I have been to Casa Loma, so I can't comment on how good it would be. I do know it has been a Toronto landmark forever. There are many timeshares in Barrie or Collingwwod areas, but they are quite a distance from Toronto- at least an hour and a half north of the city. I think Carriage Hills and Carriage Ridge are Gold Crown. We have only vacationed near home once, using our timeshare. We always trade farther afield.


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    Don't konw if anyone is still interested in this but since there isn't a ton of details I'll chime in. I live between Barrie and Toronto and have been to casa loma a few times, pleasure and work. If you're going, go in the summer when the gardens are in bloom, beautiful. If you're expecting castles like in Europe I've heard you'll be disapointed (i've never been to compare), it's a nice castle and wowed this castle newbie. But not a super majestic one. The gardens however are world class. One thing to check (it's been 2 years since I've been) if you are going is if they are under renos. I know they were sinking a lot of money into renos when I was there so the visit wasn't as top notch as it could have been. However, it as a central tourist site in toronto and the only one like it anywhere around, worth the cost of admission but look around for deals that come up periodically through your travel arangements.

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    We were at Casa Loma yesterday for a wedding. The Conservatory is beautiful, as are the gardens. We didn't do the tour due to time constrictions. The reception was about an hour away.


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    I literally want to travel the world and Canada is in my bucket list too!


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