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    If you want to only stay in Orlando or Las Vegas, then yes, you can probably rent cheaper than owning most of the time. However, if you need to travel during peak times, fit in with school breaks, or if you are not very flexible on your vacation plans, then it can be difficult to rent exactly what you need at a HGVC property. Also, if you want to stay in a HGVC in Hawaii, Breckenridge, Park City, Carlsbad, Miami Beach, Myrtle Beach or one of the many other affiliates and HGVC-owned properties, it would be difficult to find great bargains.

    Another great HGVC benefit that I use very often is the ability to reserve something other than the timeshare-standard 7-day stay. Up to 9 months out, you can reserve as small as a 3-night stay -- great for weekend getaways, or to stretch your points by eliminating one or two weekend nights (which cost more) and shorten your stay. It goes the other way as well -- perhaps you want to stay in Hawaii for 9 nights -- very difficult to do with most other timeshares, but just another standard reservation with HGVC. At thirty days out, you have the option to cash-rent rooms (2-night minimum). I have used that numerous times at Valdoro (Breckenridge, CO); since I am close, I can get first-class accommodations during prime ski season for a fraction of renting anywhere else. If you are close to a HGVC property, this is a huge benefit, IMO. All of this flexibility is very valuable to us, personally.

    In any case, decide how you want to vacation, and research what will work best for you. After 7 years of ownership, we have had no regrets and have make great use of the HGVC system.


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    The only reason to own in any system is that it has resort(s) you want and can't reliably get without owning. For us HGVC (and Marriott, DVC, Wyndham, etc) do not offer anything we MUST have if the cost is even a reasonable resale purchase & a commitment to an annual fee. Even the toughest trade (such as SW FL you mention) is a relatively easy rental and, if you do the math, the one or two times we'd use it work out to be far less renting than owning. Plus by renting we can assure that we get the dates & resort desired - something owning and definitely trading cannot do.

    We were long time advocates of owning multiple timeshares in different systems and resorts - over 20 years. Now we are even stronger advocates of owning only a very narrow type of timeshare (Owner controlled & specific areas we know we want to visit without involving trades or risky carefully timed 1st opportunity reservation requirements) and a broad use of the glutted rental market for the vast majority of our stays. We have trimmed our timeshare budget to less than 1/2 of what it was and we are traveling more than ever before. Still timeshare fanatics just with a different approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timeos2 View Post
    The only reason to own in any system is that it has resort(s) you want and can't reliably get without owning.

    .................................................. ........... and a broad use of the glutted rental market for the vast majority of our stays.
    And that's the main reason that I own in HGVC because for the times that I want to visit SW Florida or plan short stays at any of the HGVC resorts, owning works for me.
    Of course I'm only minimally committed to HGVC with a biennial unit so if things change I won't be greatly impacted but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    And as for the glut of rentals & cheap exchanges in Vegas & Orlando I agree with you.
    I am going next month to Vegas in a 3 bedroom Marriott Grand Chateau that I got relatively cheap on exchange thru II.
    I doubt an owner would have rented me the unit for the total that it cost me in II for that unit which is only $400.

    I use those great rental & exchanges too when I'm going off season, but peak season isn't as easy to do and still stay in the nicest resorts.
    Yes you can get something last minute in the older resorts cheap if that's your only goal, but I've become pickier as I get older and would rather pay a little more to be in a nicer place.
    Sometimes you can also get lucky and score something real nice on ebay.
    I've done that too but it's not reliable either.
    I guess I'm paying a little more to be an "owner" so that I don't have to spend my time trying to rent from internet strangers.
    There is something to be said for dealing with the known rather than gambling with the unknown owner who you never really know, may or may not be a scammer.

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