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Thread: Abreviations

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    Many times abbreviations are used after the first reference

    Sometimes within a post, the full name is given, and then every reference thereafter will use the abbrev....for example, Lawai Beach Resort (LBR)....Casa del Mar (CDM).

    MBR: master bedroom
    GBR: guest bedroom
    DMS/DHK: daily maid service/daily housekeeping
    MWTC: Midweek towel change

    PHX: Phoenix Airport
    SFO: San Francisco Airport

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    It's not just these boards. TLA's are everywhere these days, and if not TLA's then XTLAs rule. There are few things more frustrating than being at a business meeting where people use this practise. It has to be realised that not everybody comes from the same background and not everybody understands what the TLA's mean.

    Just in case - TLA = Three Letter Acronym
    XTLA = Extended Three Letter Acronym i.e. acronym of 4 letters or greater

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    This is a discussion that seems superfluous. There are some very obvious abbreviations: 1 br, RCI, II, IMHO, that everyone should understand. But many are written for the convenience of the contributor (why take the extra 15 seconds to type in the true words?) and seems like a silly way to make a post that will be confusing to many of those reading it. Gathering a list of acronyms and abbreviations may be a good thing, but if posters would quit being "lazy" and take a few extra seconds to spell out their communications, we would all be better served. IMHO (ha-ha) . . . Darrell Isaacson

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    Thank you!

    When I asked for a list of abreviaitons I didn't realize it would cause so much work but really for anyone new to this forum having a quick reference is a nice touch... while I am familar with the standards (DH, DS, DD, IMO, LOL) that we see on all boards there are some that seem to be used just for this forum and maybe just timesharing and I am sure newbies like myself will be able to follow the conversation easier!
    Again Thanks!

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    SA = South Africa
    DIK = Dikhololo
    MC = Manhattan Club

    AC, which I think means accommodation certificate? It is an II term.

    Thanks for compiling this!

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    Thanks to all that have been posting abbreviation meanings - I have started to compile them and search out a few others and expect that I will post a list by sometime next week. If you think of more keep them coming. Once the list is posted we will make it a sticky in this forum and I will update it if more come along.
    Thanks to Bigfrank for his help with this on the board end. I understand you are traveling, hope that you are having a great time.
    Aside to Dancingfish, it's not that much work and if it helps a few folks out thats great.
    thanks Ken H.

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    I think this is a great idea, and it takes more than "a few seconds" to type out the full names of resorts and airports. Flyer talk drives me crazy, trying to figure out who's flying from _ _ _ to _ _ _, but they do have an airport abbreviation source you can turn to. We tend to get a little jaded with our posts, I think, and I believe it's important to have a place where people can go to find answers to their TLA's (That was a new one on me, too.) Acronyms proliferate, and it's very difficult to keep up.
    I might suggest that airports, timeshare resorts, and general shortcuts be kept separate...Just a suggestion. I'm not the one doing all the work. Jean

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    FYI for your informatuion OP is original poster.
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    Thanks again all for your contributions to the list. I was running a little behind on doing it, but, should have first cut up this weekend.
    Ken H.

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    OK, here is the first cut at the abbreviations list. I tried to keep it down in size while keeping in all the timesharing stuff I know about and some of the stuff used in email and instnd messaging (there is a whole lot more of that but tried to pare it down a bit). Also I did not include any airport codes (ie JFK = JFK New York or LAS + Las Vegas) but here are a couple of links where you can look up airport codes:
    I am going to set this thread up as a sticky and will also purge the other posts with abbreviation suggestions after I have added them to the list.
    Hope this is helpful to some. If you have suggestions for additions please post them as I am sure this in far from a completd list.
    thanks for your help!!! Ken H.

    5* - Highest II resort rating
    AAP - always a pleasure
    AAR - at any rate
    AAS - alive and smiling
    AC - Accommodation Certificate
    AC - Air conditioning
    AEAP - as early as possible
    AFAIK - As afar as I know
    AI - All inclusive
    AISI - as I see it
    AND - any day now
    AOC - Area of concentration
    ARP - (Fairfield) Advanced reservation priority
    ASAP - as soon as possible
    BA - Bath
    BAS - Big a** smile
    BCN - Broardband Cable Network
    BEG - Big evil grin
    BMGWL - Busting my gut with laughter
    BR - Bedroom as in 1BR, 2BR, etc.
    BS - Bull $hit
    CC - Cross Country skiing
    CNP - continue in next post
    CY - calendar year
    DB - database
    DBA - Doing business as
    DD - dear(darling) daughter
    DH - Down Hill skiing
    DHK - Daily housekeeping service
    DIA - Dial an Exchange exchange company
    DIK - Dikhololo
    DMS - Daily maid service
    DS - dear(darling) spouse (son)
    DVC - Disney Vacation Club
    DW - dear(darling wife
    EMSG - email message
    F - fees
    F2F - face to face
    FAQ - frequently asked question
    FF - frequent flyer or Fairfield Resorts
    FWIW - for what it's worth
    GBR - Guest Bedroom
    GC - Highest RCI resort rating
    GIGO - garbage in garbage out
    HOA - Home owners association
    HTSE - Hawaii Timeshare Exchange
    II - Interval International exchange company
    IMHO - in my honest opinion
    IMO - in my opinion
    IOW - in other words
    JMHO - just my honest opinion
    KISS - keep it simple stupid
    LC - Last call
    LMAO - laughing my a** off
    LO - lockoff unit
    LOL - laughing out loud
    M - miles
    MBR - Master Bedroom
    MC - Mahattan Club
    MF - Maintenance fees
    MWTC - mid week towel change
    NAC - not a chance
    NB - nearby
    OP - Original poster
    OT - off topic
    OTOH - on the other hand
    PEBCIK - problem exist between chair and keyboard
    PFD - RCI's points for deposit
    PM - private message
    POA - property owners association
    RCI - Resort Condominiums International - exchange company
    SA - South Africa
    SFX - San Francisco Exchange exchange company
    SO - signifcant other
    ST - Studio
    THX - thanks
    TIA - thanks in advance
    TLA - Three letter acronym
    TS - Timeshare or Timesharing
    TUG - Timeshare Users Group
    VC - Vacation Counselor
    VIP Program - Fairfield program for owners with over 300K points
    VOI - Vacation ownership interval
    VRI - Vacation Resort International exchange company
    WK - week
    WKD - week end
    XTLA - Extended three letter acronym (4 or more)
    YW - you're welcome

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