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Thread: Abreviations

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    Here is an easy way to find out what abbreviations mean.
    Just type in an abbreviation and push send.
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    We all know that there are a lot of abbreviations used on the forums and everywhere and it sometimes can be a challenge. Here is my proposal:
    Anyone that wishes to contribute post the abbreviations that you know the definitions of here in this thread (For now please stick with Timeshare stuff and ones used in forums/email/instand messaging). Every so often starting sometime next week I will compile a running alphabetical list of these abbreviations and post it to this thread. I will repost the list as I update it and erase my previous post and also do a bump up post every now and then to keep the compilation on the top of this thread. If it seems useful I will keep it going, if it doesn't let me know and we can drop it.
    Thanks Ken H.

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    This is a great thread and idea... I am hoping to start working on the Timeshare Database again now that the kids are back to school and these would be nice to incorporate in a database guide...

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    LO-Lock off
    BA- bath
    AI-All Inclusive
    AC-Accomodation certificate
    RCI abreviaions: HU=hotel unit, M=Mandatory,O=Optional, ST=Studio,NB=nearby,M=miles/minikitchen,S=in some units,A=in all units,N=no kitchen,P=partial kitchen,F=full kitchen,CC=cross-country,DH=Dowhill(unless someone is talking about their hubby),Child=Children's pool,I=Indoor pool,O=outdoor pool on site,I/O=indoor/outdoor pool on site,D=deposits,F=fees

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    What great idea.

    I was wondering what the rolling on the floor laughing my.... was.

    A sticky at the top is perfect! But you gotta make it complete. People always talk about OBX which I guess is outer banks?

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    As a former English teacher, may I suggest that good old rule about identifying pronouns in full once before using the pronoun in its place? Sorry. I just couldn't resist.

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    I posted this in all forums for the next 30 days. Hopefully we will get some responses.
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    Ken I think I should give you moderator powers in this forum so you can edit these posts to make it easy for you. What do you think?

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    Sounds good to me. If you want to do that, then I will just periodically clean up the post after they are consolidated,
    thanks Ken H.

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    Ok Ken you should be all set. You can now post stickeys here and edit this thread to make it easy for your self.
    This forum belongs to JWC so when you are done let me know and I will remove you from it.
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