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Thread: A Cure For Aids?

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    A Cure For Aids?

    It appears that, within the past few days, three separate people seem to have been cured of Aids after receiving bone marrow transplants. If there is, indeed, a cure, I wonder what will happen to all of the research money that has been funding Aids-cure research? Amazing if it turns out that the solution is as simple as a bone marrow transplant.

    Now, bone marrow is not all that accessible, but it would seem that stem-cell research could develop enough to make curing Aids as a whole possible.

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    I saw a person on TV who is said to be the first person to beat it.
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    It isn't quite as simple as a bone marrow transplant. It seems that only a very small percentage of people are lucky enough to be immune to HIV. It is their bone marrow that is needed for the transplant. Finding one of those people that are immune and are a match for a transplant is easy.

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