I'm a Planet Hollywood and PH Towers fan. I'm glad this is happening and hopefully soon so I can start booking when it converts to HGV. Hopefully its in RCI soon as well.

I've stayed at 2br top timeshare resorts in Caymans, Bermuda, Cabo, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Rico. PH Towers is a top notch facility with amazing rooms.
Glad I found this site. Only joined actually so I can follow up and updates on PH Towers availability through exchange.

Just spent 3 nights at PH Towers this weekend and the rooms/suites are amazing. Its connected to the Miracle Mile shops of Planet Hollywood resort/casino. I"m a big PH hotel fan and have stayed there dozens of times the last couple years. Just to let people know that PH vibe is a more party crowd. Alot of younger adults or anyone that is into the Las Vegas party scene. If you're looking for quiet and relaxing environment, its not the same as staying at the HGVC nearby that is on its own property.
Great thing about the PH Towers is that it is connected to the PH hotel which has a casino. Maybe good or bad for others. LOL.

Glad to be part of the board.