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Thread: Hyatt Vaction Club

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    Thanks again. Any idea which of the Residence Club properties have the floating time? The one we are thinking of purchasing is Carmel Highlands.

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    The four in Colorado, the one in Truckee, and Siesta Key in Key West are listed on the Hyatt website as residence club (vs vacation club). Carmel Highlands Inn is a specific week, specific unit purchase, I am pretty sure. What time of year do you plan to go to Highlands Inn? I have found availability there to be pretty open, probably because the point values required to stay there are high.

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    Hyatt and II

    I have been playing with the ideal of buying another Hyatt Diamond or Platinum week EY or EOY but have been a little unhappy about the need to pay another II fee when I have not used II a single time since I owned my Beach House Silver week since 2009. Now would need to pay 2x the fee if I get another Hyatt week.

    Does the multiple week owner have any options for that? Or just the cost of doing business with Hyatt? When you cannot combine your non-Hyatt weeks with your Hyatt II accounts, I might need another II account if I want to deposit in them again which would make it 3 accounts if I buy a 2nd Hyatt week

    Does a lot of the other Hyatt owner using II? If so what % do you use versus Hyatt reservation.
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