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Thread: New Members - Please Introduce Yourself!

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    New Members - Please Introduce Yourself!


    I just registered this domain over the weekend 10-Apr-2005 and I am going to be working to get everything started over the next couple days. This website is being setup as a timeshare community website where visitors will be able to talk about their timeshares and vacations as well as discussions about how to buy and sell a timeshare. We hope that over time that this can become a place for timeshare reviews, evaluations, as well as a resource to allow OWNERS AND SELLERS to directly buy, sell or trade their timeshare or a weeks vacation.

    About the webmaster:

    My father got us into timeshares back in the 1980s and his first was purchased through the sales pitch. It is a great unit and my father has used the unit every year since that time and has gone to many resorts BUT it was expensive! My father learned his lesson and purchased a second week from an owner that just wanted out and it was very obvious that this second hand timeshare had the same tradability and usefulness as his (Est $18,000) timeshare he bought in the mid 1980s but he paid a more modest $3K for the second week.

    When I was younger and still in college as well as after I had graduated I had used my Father's units for a few vacations and attended a few sales pitches over the years. I know VERY WELL how tempting those sales pitches are and let's be honest that the sales people that are working at you attend lots of classes and their income is dependent on them being able to get you to buy a unit they are selling!

    When I started a family of my own I knew we wanted to get into timeshares ourselves and we own two units now. We own one week in Killington Vermont in February, which is our annual ski vacation, plus we purchased a second week in the Pocono’s for an end of the summer vacation. Both of these units were purchased from individuals even though our second week was found through a realtor. We paid $5500 for the Killington week, which was an exceptional deal, and about $3500 for the Pocono’s week. These are deeded properties with fixed weeks and they have adequate room and facilities for our family and with three kids we would never want to have to stay a week in a motel somewhere!

    In my honest opinion, timeshares are a great way to vacation but there is obviously a right way and right reasons for wanting a timeshare and then there are wrong ways to get into timeshares!

    So who are you and how did you get into timeshares?

    Can you post a review of your unit or where you have stayed?

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    Hello, my name is Eric. My wife Darlene and I just retired in May after many years in Education and Industry.

    We own about 9 1/2 timeshare weeks - the 1/2 being an everyother year. Most of these were purchased in the last 1 or 2 getting ready for retirement. All of our timeshares, we could use every year and be happy, but are doing exchanging to get the feel of it. We own one week in Missouri, two weeks in Florida, two and 1/2 weeks in California, two weeks in North Carolina, one week in Tennessee, and one week in Colorado. Current we belong to RCI, II and SFX.

    We have four daughters, three live in Missouri and one lives in Tennessee. We have five grandchildren.

    What we love most about timesharing is being able to spend time with family while being in great places at reasonable cost.

    We are members of TUG, TsTIPS, Redweek, and Timesharing. Working to learn the most we can to get the most benefit from our Timeshares.


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    Its just me again, trying to join another timeshare website, not ownin any timeshares. We use to own in Key West at the Hyatt Sunset Harbor. We bought a 2-bedroom ~~ 3-bath townhouse in 1996, right on the Gulf with spectacular views of sunset & the Florida Gulf. We sold it last year as we now live in paradise.
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    Well if you don't know this name, you must be pretty new to timesharing. I'm a member of TUG, TSTips, TimeshareTalk (UK)and subscribe to TST magazine. Hey, Trev - how did you beat me here ?

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    I am a long time member of TUG, & got into TSTips when it was new. Been married to the same guy for 53 years, have 3 adult kids, 2 Labs and no grand children . Moved around a lot, but born in IL, & lived in SW Ohio for 30 years before moving to FL to be closer to our kids. Built a home on a small lake in Lehigh...and glad we did that when we did as prices have skyrocketed here in the last year.

    Gerry & I were in Las Vegas in 1983 visiting our son, who had just moved there & and we wandered into a 'tourist info' booth to ask about tickets and, of course, they sent us to the Jockey Club (and we would get some tickets ). Yes, we bought 2 weeks and we still own them, plus an U & L @the Summit @ Massunutten (yeah,ANOTHER developer week), and we own a few FF points with our unit at FF Glade. Of all the units I really like our Oak Knoll unit at FF Glade.

    We have exchanged to Hawaii(2), Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas(2), Klamath Falls OR, Levenworth & Blaine WA, Coconut Beach & Banyan Key West ; various FL(numerous), Eastern Slope Inn N. Conway NH, Samoset ME, Wellington RI, SC, The Rushes Door Co WI, Pagosa Springs CO, Lake Tahoe CA, Hill Country Canyon Lk TX, couple of Branson promos MO, Williamsburg & Massunutten VA, Whistler, The Courtyards in NOLA, Ft. Myers Beach FL & numerous ones to FF Glade & the Jockey Club, and I've probably forgotten some.

    Now we like to travel with Grand Circle tours and we've been to Northern Mexico & Copper Canyon, Nova Scotia & the Canadian Maritimes, and recently to Chile & Argentina (love this trip). I really like letting THEM do all the planning and driving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyg

    Hey, Trev - how did you beat me here ?
    Tony ~~ this is a 1st for me!
    ~ Do What I Say, Not What I Do! ~

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    Hi! My name is Jean, and my DH, Philip, and I have been married for about 30 yrs. (Second time around for both of us). We have 8 children, 17 grandchildren, and 5 (as far as we know) G-grandchildren.
    Philip is fond of saying that's why we sailed off into the sunset in 1979, and spent 13 months sailing from CA to FL. (LOL). We only recently moved back to CA, and closer to our families.
    We bought our first TS in 1992, Villas of Sedona, from the developer, and being slow learners, we bought 2 more, in Cabo San Lucas. I kept saying, "I KNOW there's a resale market. Where IS it?" I found the internet, and Tug, a bit late, but it began our education in timesharing.
    We still own Villas, and mostly trade it through SFX. We also have weeks at Dikhololo, Harbortown Pt., Lawrence Welk Villas, and recently purchased Marriott's Desert Springs II. We did buy that one resale from Marriott, for the points, but still being slow learners, that probably wasn't very smart.
    We've had some splendid trades, to San Jose, CR, Vancouver & Vancouver IS., So. Cal beaches, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, & Puerto Vallarta.
    Sometime, in the middle, we discovered cruising on big ships, with other people doing all the hard work. Yea!
    We love our timeshares, too, and it sure beats hauling that pop-up trailer all over the country.

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    I got my introduction to timesharing sometime in the 1980's when I bought at The Inns of Waterville Valley in NH. After thinking it over a day or two, I rescinded. Did several Orlando presentations on trips there in the 80's and 90's and finally bought a resale in the mid 90's- my big mistake- in Orlando. After a couple of trips to the Royals in the 90's I bought 3 consecutive weeks at the Royals. Got into the South Africa craze after I joined TUG in 1998 and bought 2 weeks there. Bought a few more Royals along the way and then after discovering I had way more timeshares than needed, began to whittle down the portfolio. I also sort of inherited a Williamsburg week by marriage. Now we are down to 3 weeks, which can get us up to 5 weeks of vacation a year which is still more than we need, but we finally are at the point where we don't have to book it or lose it.

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    Hope you weren't trying to get away from me cuz I just followed y'all over here. Sheesh, I'm running out of aliases! I know a lot of you like to keep the same "identity" but not me. Don't worry, I'm harmless, just a lil ole timeshare board addict, racking up more time online than on vacation.

    No more new sites for awhile, huh?? I'm out of breath trying to keep up with the cool kids.

    Ok, so, who brought the bubbly? oops, no, I meant, Champagne!

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm Connie, recently moved to Florida from Maine with husband Peter...his arthritis couldn't bear the Maine winters, alas! Fortunately, we found TUG before buying a timeshare, and pretty much have stuck with a few SA timeshares, which have met our needs.
    How nice to have yet another place to talk timeshare...thanks to all who make it possible.

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