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Thread: New Members - Please Introduce Yourself!

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    Smile Just reread Timeshare 101

    Quote Originally Posted by T. R. Oglodyte
    I'm the TUGger who used to be snelson.

    I just wanted to say what a great article this is! When ever anyone asks me about timesharing I always send them there first. And I reread it myself the other day to see how it held up after my years on TUG and TS Tips. It is really a great piece of work.


    I'm Bill from Lake Tapps, Washington. My wife and two kids, 20 & 16, love Whistler and SoCal. We have three weeks a year with Club Intrawest, Mountainside lodge and Monarch Grand Vacations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank
    Steve I allways knew you were a handsome lad.
    That's what four years of offering timesharing advice will do to you!!

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    My husband & I (he's a potter & I'm a secretary) bought our timeshare in 1985 at the Heidelberg Inn, June Lake, CA. (Near Mammoth Mtn) Our kids learned to ski there. It's a great place for skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, etc. Plus the Inn is beautiful & is in a great location.
    We've rarely stayed in hotels since. If the kids (all adults now) don't travel with us, there is always room to invite other family members and/or friends.
    Our favorite timeshare stays have been in Kauai, Costa Rica, Belize & Spain. Actually all of the places we've had the opportunity to visit have been marvelous.
    My friends say I'm addicted to travelling & that I need to find a support "traveler's-annonymous"!
    Anyway, our list of places to visit before we die is long & since our timeshare has been long paid off, it's really less expensive to travel this way. 8)
    Can't wait till our next trip!

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    Hi all.

    My name is Bootleg and I am a senior RCI employee; I would like to offer any assistance I can if anyone has vacation exchange questions or questions about RCI.


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    Greetings from Vancouver BC

    Hello, my name is Pauline and married to Gernot a wonderful man for 30 years. I have two children and nine grandchildren 8 boys and 1 girl.

    We retired early to be able to travel and enjoy extended vacations with family who are spread out in London, Germany, Canada and the United States.

    We bought our first timeshare about eight years ago and have never looked back we have met many wonderful friends from all over the world.

    We own timeshare in Mexico, PV, NV and Cabo, and we enjoy spending 6/8 weeks every year with friends at Paradise Village, Villa del Palma in PV and Cabo and the new Flamingos Resort in PV.

    I learned about this Timeshare site from TUG.

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    Long Island, NY


    Hi as you can tell I'm Larry and my wife and I are empty nesters in Long Island, NY. We have three grown children and the two oldest girls are married and we have a delicious 1 year old granddaughter. Our son is out of the house in his own apartment but comes home frequently since he only lives amout 10-15 miles from home. They have all graduated from college and/or grad school so no more tuition payments and we can spend more money on timeshare vacations. I discovered TUG from Fern's old website about 7-8 years ago and have been addicted to these boards ever since.

    We love getting away during the cold winter months and usually go away every year for 1 or two weeks to the Caribbean or Mexico. Thanks to all of the great information on these boards we have been to Aruba, St, marteen, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii and I probably forgot a couple of warm weather places we've been to.

    We have also been taking at least one family vacation for the past six years to Florida for Passover/Easter vacation. We have been to several of the aforementioned destinations more than once. We also love going on European vacations and have been to Paris, French Riviera, Austria, Hungary and will be going to Rome, Venice and Florence this summer. Most of our vacations have been to timeshares over the past 12 years and we currently own seven weeks. We use 4 weeks for vacations a year and rent out three weeks each year which covers ours maintenance on all seven weeks.

    I have four more years until I retire from working and then we can really start traveling for as long as possible.

    I just did this on TUG so I copied and pasted the same information In case you didn't already read this. 8-)

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    I'm Bev, used to be BL on the "old' TUG board, now BevL on the "new" TUG board, and am bevvy5 here. Yep, I like to keep you all confused!!

    Looks like a very fun group and Frank has graciously asked me to moderate the Canada board.

    I got involved in timesharing in about 1999 when friends bought from a developer and I found TUG - tried to talk them out of it, didn't work, but their loss and my gain. I've bought and sold quite a few timeshares in working out my current "stable" which works well for me. I love the thrill of the chase and the community of folks I've met through these boards.


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    Smile cheter

    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Cheryl, also known as cheter on Tug & RCI. I have a 16 year old son, Matt. We live in St. Cloud, Florida, which is about half an hour south of Orlando. Unfortunately I only own 1 TS. I bought this week to give my son and myself a chance to travel. Instead of just going to the beach every year (1 hour from home). So far we have been to Sapphire Valley, N.C., Sedona, AZ., and recently returned from W. Glacier, MT.. Plus we still make a trip to the beach every summer! Planning a trip for the Tetons, or Banff in 2006.

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    Hello Fellow Timesharers. I'm cdziuba on TUG and the Foxrun Yahoo group. Our first timeshare was a developer-bought 2bdr Vistana lockoff, followed by a 3bdr GC SA. I sold both and bought a dynamite Sanibel Shell Island resale and a Foxrun week, and am thrilled with the great trades we've enjoyed and have lined up. This site looks like a lot of fun and I like the different forums. Timesharing is the best.

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    Hello Folks

    Hi, I'm John Kozarevich, retired and live in Farmington Hills, MI. I've been a long time member of TUG as jkozarevich and currently kozman. I hope to visit often.


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