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Thread: New Members - Please Introduce Yourself!

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    Hi, I'm Jacki, a born and bred New Yorker. I live on Long Island with one husband, three children (22,20 and 17) and one dog. We bought our first timeshare in Orlando resale, and found TUG shortly after. We've sold it, but now own one SA and one ORE in Hawaii. We don't travel nearly as much as we would like to, and I am limited to summers and holidays because I work at a school. This year we exchanged to Manhattan Club and Carriage House in Las Vegas, and we have no plans for next year yet. Each year I book an escape vacation and meet up with a dozen or so girl cousins for an extended weekend. It is always a big hit. You'll never see any fancy computer work or avatars on my posts, because I'm not so good with the computer, so I'll just post in a simple fashion.

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    I'm Mark, Mark B. someplaces and Basham here. Have followed you all from TUG to Tstips to here.

    I currently own a small amount of FF points, an acceptable week on the Cape and a red MROP week. Purchased in that order. After buying FF points from the developer and realising that it wasn't what I thought I was buying I joined TUG. This was right around the time that I was perversely wishing the FF salesman had raped me even worse and had sold me more points that would be usable.

    Thanks to the FF Yahoo group and the good people on TUG I was able to turn that first purchase into something worthwhile. With others help, I was able to buy additional timeshares, at a far better price, for use and trade, that suit us better and make better use of the original FF points.

    Recognising some of the aliases of knowledge and helpful people and reading their posts previously here I am following you here.

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    Howdy from down under!

    Hi, I'm Lang and live in Sydney, Australia. I'm married to wonderful Phil and we have 4 precious children. We love spending time together just racking up lifetime memories and think we've found the perfect way for us to do this.

    Being a larger than average family, it was becoming increasingly difficult for us to find affordable and comfortable accommodation during school holidays. If we stayed at a hotel, we'd need to book two rooms with no kitchen or laundry to speak of. We started renting vacation homes during school holidays. Not a cheap option but our only viable option for a family holiday at that time.

    We discovered timeshare after attending a sales pitch. It's a growing industry in Australia. We were completely sucked in but after a few months of ownership found that the promises made were not true. Thankfully, we were able to get our money back and then promptly bought a more suitable timeshare from a reseller.

    We now own 4 wks of timeshare which is just right for us. We also enjoy camping during the warmer months between September and May. We feel like we have the perfect combination of family holidays and are very blessed that we have discovered timesharing and know how to get the most out of it.

    Have fun everyone.


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    Hi all
    My name is Les and l also come from Australia l go under the name of chubby as the scales in the bathroom go around to far ,about my self l live with my wife Gail we own a farm in the south west of Victoria and we like to travel and have owned timeshare for 8 years now and like it very much .
    We have traveled all over Australia over years so if any one wants help with anything about the land down under l will try and help l am a member of Tug and Tstips and Timesharetalk UK.
    We cannot speak high enough about timeshare because of the places we have stayed at we have just come back from the 4 islands of Hawaii and had the best of time we also have been to New Zealand and Fiji thanks to time share.
    Well enough about me l just wish you all the best to all that run this forum and l will help out with any Aussie questions that l can.

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    My user ID JWC is simply my initials for John Cummings which I use on TUG. I am a member of TUG TsTips, and Red Week. I have been a lifetime member of TUG for several years as I was the administrator of the whole BBS several years ago.

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    Hi everyone, I'm Linda and married to Steve for the past 21 years. We've actually been married longer that we were single!! We are the proud parents to furchildren. We were unable to have human babies, so we have dog babies and we love them with all of our heart and soul. We are members of TUG and lurked on TsTips and now found this forum. Decided to join because Big Frank is such a nice guy!
    We got pulled into timesharing by, yes going on a timeshare tour. Alright, sucked in and bought at Cypress Pointe Grande Villas. We did own at Mariner's Point but have since sold that one.

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    Good morning everyone,
    I'm Bart, and use Icc as my title since that is my job title at work. For those of you that don't know, that means I do the receiving in the grocery store where I work.
    My wife Iris and I have 2 children, a 20 year old daughter and 15 year old son.
    We own at The Donatello, Orange Lake, Lawrence Welk (Escondido), and also own Worldmark points. We get 5 weeks vacation a year (35 years on job) and usually use it all between weeks at timeshares and bonus time and inventory specials with Worldmark.
    Our favorite resorts so far are Lawrence Welk, Eagle Crest, Bass Lake. My son enjoys Schooner's Landing the most. We enjoy driving around the areas we stay and eating (Breakfast is the favorite).
    We have been timesharing for about 17 years and for some reason during the summer we always hit a heat wave where my wife picks to go and usually it is record heat.
    Watch out in July in Las Vegas because here we come.

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    following Bigfrank anf Fern

    Here we are , Maureen and Dan from Canada, following from TUG and tstips.

    Keeps us busy between vacations and work.

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    I'm the TUGger who used to be snelson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T. R. Oglodyte
    I'm the TUGger who used to be snelson.
    Steve I allways knew you were a handsome lad.

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