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    This list is simply a compilation of data from a closing experience survey that asks for the name of the closing agent they used and whether the client would recommend that company to others. No attempt is made to vet the companies on the list, other than the criteria that they must have received at least five recommendations and receive lower than a 10% ratio of negatives.

    This list hasn't been updated in quite a while, but I hope it still provides some direction for people who need a decent closing agent.

    Before choosing a closing agent, the client should always contact a few companies and request a specific quote. It's also sometimes a good idea to contact the resort management company and ask if they have any recommendations. The closing agent should always operate a true escrow account (not simply work from an operating account that is not subject to oversight or routine reconcilliation) and should always be familiar with the resort in question. I also normally recommend that the client request information to confirm that the closing agent is either licensed in the state where the property is located, or is affiliated with a local attorney or title agent.

    If anyone would like to recommend a closing agent not shown on this list, feel free to do so.
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    Someone buying or selling a timeshare should also verify that the person preparing the deed is licensed to practice law in the state where the timeshare is located. If not, many states have remedies such as this one:

    The North Carolina State Bar

    I would also say that it is always (rather than just sometimes) a good idea to call the resort and ask for a recommendation of a local attorney who handles timeshare closings. Often the fee is not much different from these out of state closing mills, and you are almost certain to get competent service. I have seen far too many defective and even invalid deeds recorded by these out of state timeshare closing mills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rikkis_playpen View Post
    Susan and Tia have been in the business a long time.. They are both very familiar with most timeshares in Mexico and should do a great job for you. (note added 11/21/2010: Susan Gale has now left Timeshare Transfer, Inc to start her own closing business- Express Timeshare Closings, Inc.)

    With most non-deeded international memberships, you aren't required to use a closing company if the ownerships are not deeded. I, however- always recommend a good third party closing agent (not party to the transaction) be used for every transfer. It just gives you a professional set of eyes to ensure everything goes smoothly.

    With that said, you will also want to check with your resort to determine the required transfer procedure. You may find it to be a fairly simple process- and if your buyer trusts you- one that you can handle on your own.
    i want to buy a mayan palace property in mexico from a usa owner witch one you recomend? i want to be sure not to lost my money so i think need the help of a closing cia , does express timeshare closing work? were to contact her ?

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