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    WorldMark Board Election Blog

    This is a blog (WorldMark Election 2009) I put together to provide some additional information regarding the Board election. Just today the Board forwarded my information to the Board Candidates and so far I have been contacted by four candidates. I am currently communicating with them to see if they are interested in answering some additional questions or publishing any additional candidate material. My goal here is to facilitate some additional communication with the candidates.

    You can visit the blog at WorldMark Election 2009 for more information. This is a grass roots effort and will only succeed if supported by other owners. If you go to the Your Candidate Questions page, you will see a form for submitting additional questions. I would greatly appreciate it, if any WorldMark owners would visit and perhaps offer a question or two for the candidates. Obviously there is little incentive for candidates to participate if owners do not support this or some similar effort.

    Hope you will visit. Hopefully in the next couple of days, some additional candidate information will be available.

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    Responses from two candidates have been received for the Additional Candidate Questions posed on the blog. The answers to the Additional Candidate questions are posted on the candidates page.

    Please visit the unofficial WorldMark election blog at WorldMark Election 2009 to see the candidate response.

    An additional response from a third candidate should be posted shortly. Your support by participating in this grass roots effort is greatly appreciated.


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