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Thread: Drum roll please.... Bluegreen Online Reservations!

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    I am excited that it is finally happening. Way to go Bluegreen!

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    On-line at other time shares?

    This will be a great addition for Bluegreen. Can't wait till it comes out! Is this standard in the time share industry?


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    This will be great! I was just on the site checking for bonus time and it went down. That's ok tho, since it's for something to make us happy happy

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    I also got the boot. Hopefully will be up and running tomorrow. The one thing that I really hope for is that when you are making reservations it will let you know if the week you are booking is a bankable week. Way to go BG Nice addition to our memberships

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    Sites back up...do not see the new feature yet...

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    It's here. I have been playing with it for a while and seem to be pretty good for my needs.

    KT - Heith

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    Yes, Online Reservations Works today. Okay everyone. Post your comments here for good, bad, bugs, issues.

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    I see a couple other changes:
    Destination or Experience is under one block with different tabs.
    When you choose a location or the experience, you can then choose the resort. I like this.

    I do wish the calendar moved a little quicker or had two months up. I see you can choose the year and the month, so that works well.

    I like that once I get my resort picked, in the case of CMV where there are multiple style unit, I pick week and the bedroom qty and the different style units show up. Clicking on the unit give a description, that is more info that I had before.

    I noticed that when I put in the wrong check in date but the correct check out date, and went to correct my check in date, it changed the check out date. I had to re-enter it. That could be so the date had to be verified by the user. I guess it is okay, just more steps.

    Search gets lost if you do a 'revise search'. I went from Aruba to Myrtle Beach for the destination drop down, but the resort drop down did not update.

    Another problem under the revise search, when I did get North Myrtle Beach, and selected Shorecrest, I left my old search dates. The results came up with both red and white week for that same week. The dates show up correct in the check in and check out. If I use the points table, it looks like it is all red week, not white. There is no indication which is shorecrest 1 vs. 2 other than references to marsh or ocean.

    Next I looked at Big Cedar. Are the cabins not avilable in March or is that broken? All that comes up is the lodge. Hmmm. Must not be available. I change the dates from March to May and the cabin shows up. It shows up on the old points table with the points required. No 2 bedroom cabin might be a deal breaker for a possible March trip.

    That is enough playing for now. I will check back as time permits.

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    Okay, I've been playing with online reservations this morning and it looks good so far. It's very similar to the bonus time interface and works a lot like the Wyndham online resrevation system.

    For instance, I did a search for Big Cedar for Aug 29 for 3 nights in any size unit. I selected the option to provide alternate dates and alternate resorts.

    I got 10 results for Big Cedar in Studio, 1 and 2br units. Varying check in and check out dates. It includes season (high red), point value and occupancy.

    It also gave me tons of options for The Falls Village and Long Creek Ranch. Very nice.

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    On line reservations at BLuegreen

    This is a nice start but I think more could be offered. I tried to check availability in Panama City. Each time I was given a message of no availability for April of 2010 and was advised that a week reservation was needed.

    I was hoping for a system that would pull up what is available for each resort and show a monthly calendar. Sold out days could be grayed out and available days highlighted both by the week and fraction of a week.

    Still, this is a giant step in the right direction and will allow better planning for future vacations.


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