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Thread: Waitlist works!

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    Waitlist works!

    I had never used this feature until now.

    I booked 5 stand alone days at Bass Lake but my check out was 4th of July.

    I have a boat slip rented through the 5th so we could enjoy the fireworks over the lake. I reserved a hotel room for 4th of July to compensate.

    I put myself on the waitlist for various combinations of extra days and/or flat out weeks.

    I just received word that I can pick up the 4th and 5th.

    This is perfect!

    I have no idea if any other T/S's offer this type of arrangement but WM Does and it makes me happy that it actually works!

    I'll be calling in the AM to confirm my additional days...and cancel that hotel res.


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    Several times

    We have done this many times and it has also worked for us. Many people decide the flight fee is too high or other personal reasons keep them from going and low and behold, you are next on the list. I think it has happened to us about 6 times. Love Worldmark and dealing with them.
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    We also have used it numerous times. I think everytime we have been put on the list we got what we were looking for. It is a very good program feature.
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