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Thread: about buying points

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidicarus View Post
    Is there any way to renew travelers plus without buying more points from bg? They told ud at the last update that the minimum to buy is now 10,000 points and that is the only way to renew it. We really would like to get it again since we now understand what we are losing out on. Mostly hot weeks and cruises. RCI meant nothing to me and I never cared if we had it or not.
    I let mine lapse, but I was able to renew it on the BG website. I don't remember how long it had been lapsed but I didn't renew it "immediately". If I remember correctly the website was either flashing a message offering me the renewal, or it may have been when I went to the Traveler's Plus link on the website. There may be a time limit.

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    who are authorized resellers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dina17 View Post
    who are authorized resellers?


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    So, is it possible to buy points from someone and getting premier benefits if they are not an authorized reseller? If so, how and how much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustBeachy View Post
    So, is it possible to buy points from someone and getting premier benefits if they are not an authorized reseller? If so, how and how much?
    Not so far as I know. Authorized points (points that will count toward premier benefits) cost more than unauthorized points. You can get unauthorized points for free (seller pays transfer fees), while authorized points cost (I believe) $1.25/point or more. Basically, you have to pay Bluegreen for the right to the premier benefits, so any authorized reseller is going to charge at least that much.

    What premier benefits matter to you? We have only unauthorized points, and we still have more options than we can make use of, however we are not tied to the school schedule and are not devoted fans of Big Cedar, so we rarely have a problem getting the reservation we want. The premiere benefits of getting on the waitlist matter a lot more to people who can't make offseason reservations, or who particularly want to stay at Big Cedar in the summer, however along with paying more for the points initially, you also need to have a fair number of points. Bronze is the lowest Premiere level; 15000 points at $1.25 each is $18750; that gets you the opportunity to get onto the wait list after the Silver (20000 points), Gold (350000 points) and Platinum (60000) owners. It also gets you a discount on Traveler's Plus, villa upgrades (if available!) and so on. If you don't have any better use for that money, why not? But while we could scrape up that cash if we had to, we'd rather use it elsewhere.

    It's true that there are specific units the people on the Wait List regularly snap up; Big Cedar in early summer, and some of the Florida resorts can be a challenge. But for us the big appeal of Big Cedar is the lazy river, and we can get Big Cedar reservations late summer pretty easily. Missouri is crazy hot then, but that's ideal for what we most value about the resort! And Bluegreen has plenty of options at great places that are easy to reserve, even with unauthorized points. Our unauthorized points also get us an RCI membership, which annoyed me initially (because I was All About Bluegreen), but now we really like the option of Extra Vacations, and of Last Call as well. Since our points ownership is small, so are our yearly fees, however we can kick out more cash and do more stuff through out ownership via RCI or renting from fellow owners we've gotten to know.

    We initially planned to buy more BG points, but year after year we managed to go where we wanted with what we have. I think a small ownership in BG (or another good points system) gives you the best of both worlds; staying in Bluegreen resorts is quick and easy and we have liked all the resorts we've visited, plus it's generally cheaper than online rentals whenever I've compared prices; while staying in RCI is a bit more hassle and research but gives us so many more options in terms of places to stay, and, although it's a form of rental, we get better deals through RCI than I can find elsewhere.

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    Really enjoyed this read. Lots of good info for a new member to BG

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    Boca Bum 99,
    I have some Bluegreen points that are recorded as purchased directly from Bluegreen and some points that I bought on the resale market. The ones I bought on the resale market are no longer eligible to be "lumped" with my package of other points. Could you tell me "how to get the red out, please?' I have tried and tried at updates, but am told they no longer lump them when we upgrade by purchasing more points. As a result, I no longer upgrade with Bluegreen.

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    Unfortunately, Boca hasn't been around here for some years.

    You may be able to reach him at his website.
    He has been working with the Bluegreen system and may have some information on this.


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