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Thread: Australias Saturday from Hell with fires

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    Australias Saturday from Hell with fires

    As the heading says we have a Saturday from hell and back fires all over the state of Victoria over 80 differant fires the day was a hell of day with the temp. at 48c and a hot north wind
    We have lost towns and over 130 people dead over 1000 houses lost.
    The timeshare resort of Karemi Gardens in Marysville with town has been raised to the ground
    We had fire not far from where we live so I have been fighting it for the last 48 hours very little sleep in that time but we save all the farm houses and lost no life so we feel we have got of lightly to what we see on the tv.
    I am going catch up on some sleep now and I am rosterd back onto a fire truck in the morning this will go on for days as it is so dry over here.

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    Good luck Chubby. Keep us posted. I found that the Herald Sun has a link to an interactive map showing how widespread the fires are. Yesterday, while reading about what was happening, there was an indication that officials thought some fires had been set purposely.

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    Hope and pray all will be safe over there, and that the fire danger will soon be over. Keep us posted.
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    Good to hear you are safe Chubby. So sorry about the devastation caused to your neighbourhood. Thank you for all your hard work on the fire trucks, I admire your bravery and community spirit enormously.

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    Even here we are getting news flashes ( the US being very egocentric we rarely ever get anything on the broadcast news or in print about overseas issues.) Over 160 lives lost....

    Good luck down under.
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    Over 200 lives lost now. Yes, some were started deliberately.
    Very upsetting.
    IN the North Queensland, we have a flood and a 5yr old boy has been taken by a crocodile in the flood waters.


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    Hi all
    Just back from a long day again the fire we were fighting is under control and no loss of lives or houses but some mighty close cases just farm land losses
    There are lots off over fires still going and they are still finding bodies some 180 dead expected to rize to over 200 .
    Lot of these fires was started deliberatety what do people get out seeing this carnige if we could just catch them the book of the law should thrown at them
    The site Philsfan has given of the herald sun news paper will give you more info then i can give but there towns just gone not a house standing you see people just standing in shock and horrer on there faces on the tv
    Yes Sydney the north of Australia is in flood and the south part is on fire when is it going to get under control
    Thank you people for your thoughts
    The timeshare resort i am told is lost but mamagement and staff and guests got out I am told this resort in Marysville was in the one of worst towns hit not many houses left standing
    Again thank you for all your thoughts and I hope we never see a Saturday like this ever again

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    Extensive news reports on both SkY and BBC so sad and it seems someone may have started them..
    Your PM has called it murder...hey he has been great in this emergency. Hope things will improve soon.

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    I can't imagine anything on the ground more terrifying that being caught in fire, and the thought that some have been set deliberately is simply beyond belief.
    Chubby, you and your colleagues take care. Remember property can be rebuilt, people are irreplaceable.

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    Chubby, so glad to read that the fire near you is under control and no lives were lost there.


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