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Thread: Wyndham maintenance fees chart

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    Wyndham maintenance fees chart

    Is there such a thing as a chart or other resource that lists an apples-to-apples comparison of maintenance fees at the different Wyndham timeshare properties? We have a couple of Wyndham points timeshares and am thinking about adding more points. Maintenance fees are of course a consideration. Is anyone aware of something that might help with this?



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    Usually Mike H and Jya Ning are usually around here to answer.

    I think what most would refer you to is http://forums.WyndhamOwners.org
    and the forums there. One of which has current and historical MF's that you are looking for.

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    Here is the link to the spreadsheet that Basham was referring to.

    1994 - 2009 Maintenance Fee History Spreadsheet
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    I should of added, but you will have to join to view them.


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