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Thread: VI - Direct Exchange Option (DEO)

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    VI - Direct Exchange Option (DEO)

    Direct Exchange Option (DEO)

    This Program has been created to allow current VI Owners who are also owners with other timeshare resorts to "deposit" their time at another resort into the VI Inventory Management "Instant Exchange" system and receive points in the VI system.

    This is similar to Wyndham's PIC program, DRI's Club Select program, etc.

    T&C/Deposit Requirements

    1. The VI Exchange Depository Application must be completed and submitted along with a $135.00* per week non-refundable processing fee to the VI Inventory Management Department. *This fee is subject to change without notice.

    2. A specific confirmed week must be submitted. Floating weeks will not be accepted. All reservations must be booked in weekly increments (7 nights).

    3. The resort week deposited must be your "home resort". We cannot accept third party exchange weeks, including RCI Points reservations at your "home resort"

    4. We reserve the right to refuse any resort and/or interval requested for deposit.

    5. All deposits must be received no less than 60 days prior to the first date of intended occupancy and not more than 1 year in advance. Resort Profile Information must be included with the application.

    6. A written confirmation from the resort or management company must be forwarded to the VI Inventory Management Department. This is the sole responsibility of the owner and cannot be done by Vacation Internationale. The name on the original confirmation can be Vacation Internationale. Without this reservation confirmation, we cannot accept the week you wish to deposit.

    7. The depositor acknowledges that the maintenance, guest, and other fees or assessments associated with the use of time deposited have been paid.

    8. Upon agreement to accept a resort week, the depositor will receive points in the VI system according to the following schedule: Studio - 70 Points; One Bedroom - 91 points; Two Bedroom - 112 Points; Three Bedroom - 133 Points

    9. These points will expire one (1) year from the arrival date of the deposited week.

    10. The timeshare resort must be affiliated with Resort Condominiums International, Inc. (RCI) or Interval International, Inc. (II) to be considered for deposit with the VI Exchange Program.

    11. When the week has been picked up by another Vacation Internationale Owner, we will send you a letter notifying you of the guest name to be assigned. At that time, we will request a new confirmation from you with the Vacation Internationale Owner's name on it.

    12. Upon agreement to accept a resort week for deposit, VI Inventory Management Department does not guarantee or obligate itself to accept the same deposit in the future.

    13. The VI Inventory Management Department reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time without notice.

    14. You agree that the Vacation Internationale Terms and Conditions of Individual Membership and Exchange govern this exchange transaction. Once you have deposited your week or offered it to Vacation Internationale, you may not sell, rent, exchange that week through another service, or use it yourself. If you do, any expense incurred by Vacation Internationale will be your responsibility.
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares ģ

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    Do You Know About DEO?

    Direct Exchange Option (DEO)
    Quote Originally Posted by VI
    Are you a member of another timeshare? Did you know Vacation Internationale has a program that gives you the opportunity to directly exchange your time with other timeshares? Itís called the DEO Program, or Direct Exchange Option. Upon approval, we will deposit your week into our Exchange Program in return for VI Points!

    Those of you who own multiple timeshares know that sometimes it is difficult to use what you own. Or, perhaps you own a fixed week at a resort, but you want to try somewhere new. Well, trade that time in to us and receive the flexibility to travel to our 34 VI Resorts, 15 Exclusive Nightly Exchange destinations, or amongst the 1,000ís of Weekly Exchanges we have available.

    Getting started is easy.
    Log in to the VI website, click on the Exchange tab and choose Direct Exchange Option (DEO).
    Or, call your Owner Services Representative at 1.800.444.6633 for more information.

    Your vacation awaits!

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Please do not reply to this email.
    For questions or comments, please visit our contact page. Correspondence that does not include your Owner number and name may not be processed in a timely manner.

    VIVacation Internationale
    Vacation Internationale


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