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Thread: Club Bali Hai Moorea (RCI #0782)

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    Question Club Bali Hai Moorea (RCI #0782)

    RCI just called regarding a request I have for French Polynesia. I tentatively booked Club Bali Hai Moorea (RCI #0782) for 28 Nov 2009 check in for one week.

    The VG mentioned read this before booking:
    - $225 electricity per week surcharge
    - $1.70 pp pd city tax
    - remote location
    - multi level/NO ELEVATOR (Does anyone no how many floors the resort is?)
    - Rainy Season is December - March
    - Food is very expensive
    - many bugs
    - 3/4 bathroom (no bathtub)

    Has anyone been there? Any thoughts? This would be our first 'committment' for the winter 2009/2010 season. So we'd have to build around it, making sure we reach Papeete, Tahiti before to get the ferry to Moorea. Then ferry back.

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    I was able to book 14 -21 Nov 2009 also. That leaves a gap for 21-28 Nov 2009. I searched TS4MS and see quite a few Ex Ops for the resort posted in the past. I have until Friday night to cancel both Nov 14-21 & 28 Nov - 5 Dec. I am trying to line up dates with cruise ship departures in/out of Tahiti to reduce travel costs.

    Does anyone know of other timeshares within a reasonable distance (low cost of transportation)? It is 17 miles from Tahiti.

    I searched II but only found Fiji and New Caledonia resorts.


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