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I am going to Fall Creek in 2 weeks.
We liked it. We were in a dedicated 2 BR down near the bottom; some of the other units probably have a better view. Roomy unit, good people working there. Although our hot water heater was out when we got there, then went out again the next day, at which point they moved us, and our first bed was the worst I'd ever been in -- until we got into the second one. Admittedly I prefer a firm bed, but I finally flipped around in the second bed so my head was at the foot and it was like I had one of those big wedge pillows -- sloped up from my waist. That's our only gripe, though. We switched to the Cliffs at Long Creek the next day, and the bed there, although more livable, was softer than I like, so maybe it's a Missouri thing.