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    I just found Interchange Timeshare today and can't seem to find comments about them on this forum. They claim to be the largest independent exchange for Australia.

    I am considering offering them some deposits to hopefully use if we take a cruise that arrives in Sydney 10/23/2009. We usually winter in Mexico and stay up to 4 months at the same resort.

    I think I'd like to stay
    5-8 weeks Austrailia - 23 Oct - Christmas
    up to 4 NZ - Dec and/or Jan
    Bora Bora - Jan or Feb
    then end in Hawaii for 2-3 months - we have tons of VacationInternale points we can use for Hawaii so I might book Feb/Mar 2010 as soon as it is available. I don't know enough about their Hawaiin resorts except Kauai which are not my favorite. I'd rather stay at the Marriott that is a converted hotel with the huge pool in Kauai.

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    I used to own a week in Australia and did several exchanges with them. They were reasonably priced, had great selection in australia & new zealand and were great to work with.

    I would not hesitate to deposit with them again

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    Flex, one of our members Sydney may also be able to help u....send her a PM

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    The link to interchange has been on our Links Directory for ages.


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