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Thread: The Seapointer Levy

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    Well, if you know of anyone that I can transfer them too besides the Seapointer/Lamont. Let me know, I am not confident enough to remain in the scheme with a possibility of a dividend being paid out in the future. Who is to say that the profits will not be eaten up by Lamont for running the condo. What them sell them off as condos and make a fortune. Ugh!

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    Number the only option. They are going to take it one way or another...why throw any good money after bad. Don't make it easy on them. They are accepting deed backs...I say let them just foreclose on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Anyone else out there that currently owns and/or owned weeks at the Seapointer in S.A.?
    What is the best course of action to deal with these weeks?
    The options I see are:
    1.) Convert to the FlexiClub scheme?
    2.) Keep paying the Levy and assessments each year?
    3.) Deed-back to First Resorts/Seapointer, if they allow?
    4.) Stop paying the levies and/or assessments?
    If anyone out there has actually had some success and would like to share their knowledge, I would greatly appreciate your knowledge.
    Is anyone aware of any negative results that could occur?
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    Levy just arrived in the mail

    I just received an invoice for the levy; regular mail and certified. I sent an email off to the lady I relinquished too and she advised me that they would take care of it since I had relinquished my two weeks back in December.

    I have personally just moved on from my Seapointer timeshare. Deeded it back and bought new weeks here in the good 'ole USA.

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