We have asked nicely to not post account specific questions. But yet it continues to occur. For now on Each post must be approved in all the Ask Forums. This means when you post a question or reply either Myself, Ken, Lawren , Tonyg , Sydney or the forum moderator must approve it first. Your post will go into a Moderated Que for us to look at and then we will either approve or remove. BTW , We also need to approve the reps post as well.

Questions that should be asked are like this, Will you accept my week, What is the likely hood of a trade during summer to Hawaii. How far can I search and so on.
Questions like I gave you my week but you have not given me my exchange What gives , This will not be approved. You can how ever use the PM system to get help from the rep here with your account questions, Just be sure to provide your member #.

We are all lucky to have these heads of the exchange company's here. Lets try to keep them.

If you want to know about how to exchange your specific week you can post in the exchange forum, But keep in mind that posting Account specific information not only violates our site rules but you are also violating the company rules and chance having your account terminated.