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Thread: Pictures of European and UK Timeshares Resorts and Locations

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    Pictures of European and UK Timeshares Resorts and Locations

    They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Therefore, I would like to start a thread that has links to member's pictures of their trips to European's and UK's Timeshares Resorts and Locations around the resorts.

    Please follow the format of listing the Resort's name and ID number in the Title. If you went to Europe or the UK but did not use a timeshare resort feel free to allow us to enjoy your pictures too. Please give as much or as little detail in this message area as you want. But, please tell the month of the trip.


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    MONDI-HOLIDAY Bellevue #3713

    Time of the year is September.


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    Smile England in May and June

    Pictures of England in May and June. This was not a timeshare Holiday.


    My Pictures:

    Warwick Castle:

    Stratford-Upon-Avon: birthplace of William Shakespeare, steeped in culture and history

    Stourhead: Celebrated 18th-century landscape garden and Palladian mansion


    Gold Hill: Shaftsbury:

    Tom Hardy's Marnhull: The Pure Drop Inn of Thomas Hardy's novel.

    The French Lieutenant's Woman" was made into a movie which was filmed in Lyme Regis).


    Glastonbury: Site of many legends and myths. Reputed to be King Arthur's birthplace

    Cotswold: Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful areas in England

    Bath: Britain's finest Georgian city is brimming with things to do and see.

    Avebury: World-famous stone circle at the heart of a prehistoric landscape

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    I loved your pics!!! shaggy

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    Cool How About Some Pictures of Ireland?

    With St Pat's day just around the corner, here are some pictures of Ireland. The pictures were taken in September, 2004.

    Anyone for a GUINNESS?


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    Your pictures, and the information you provide are wonderful. You surely had had a great time. Thanks for sharing.....

    If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

    BTW, I'm still keeping track of how many times you annoy me.

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    Thanks. Looking forward to our trip to Ireland in 2008.


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    GREECE Porto Hydra Resort

    Our -first time- visit in our home resort in Porto Hydra Hotel in Greece
    We are happy for our choice and sorry that so many years we did not visit it before and we only deposit!!!!
    For sure for the next years one of our two weeks will never be deposit again for exchange!
    Enjoy some of our 1000+ pictures we took on week 33

    Next year the resort will be renovate so.....
    THAT'S THE BEST CHOICE FOR NEXT YEAR and the rest of your time in RCI!!!!!!

    The best choice for fammilies with kids

    Belive me!

    Enjoy our moments!

    iremoundos' latest slideshow on Flickr

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    Silver Contributor and supermoderator GrayFal's Avatar
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    Here are some pictures of the Marriott Marbella Beach Club - Marbella Spain.

    Let me know if this link works.....there are also pictures of "Old Town Marbella" which is a fabulous area to explore.

    GrayFal Photos - Costa Del Sol, Marbella Spain 09 | Facebook

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