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Thread: The photo server is installed... Come check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ARedOctober

    I tried to use the img tags and then went to my picture log and copied and pasted the http link...that didn'work.....where do I go to get the information or link that you used?
    John, Read my post above yours you may have missed it.
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    Question Policy question on photo's

    So is there a policy as to posting pictures in threads? I don't want to abuse must be difficult for anyone on dial-up (there must be a way to shut off graphics and photos for those people).....but since I have cable I really love the feature and to see people pictures that are relevant to the thread.

    Just let me know.

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    There really and no rules on photo use and you are correct that too many images will cause our dial up members to go into fits of rage...

    The photo server on the site does a good job or shrinking large images so anything that you upload to the photo server should work well with the forums...

    As for an easier way... I have too many unfinished projects as is but some day I may be able to hack the photo server to post a URL below the image so that people can just copy the path... Just not sure when I can try to do that however!

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    I'm on 28.8kbps and the pictures haven't been a problem for me to view. Maybe I'm getting used to the speed, or lack there of?

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    I tried to make some changes to the photo server... I had to sit through a borring teleconference where it was not my project so I was fooling around with the settings...

    I know it quould still use more work but here are the high points...

    The Thumbs are now larger
    Under each Photos is TWO links for the photo (WITH A CLIPBOARD BUTTON)
    Updates to the layout of the directories

    Let me know if this is a little better and I will work on this more as I can...

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    Wow What Great Idea Putting The Pictures Showing On The Forums Page!
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