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Thread: Alaska 2008

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    Alaska 2008

    I am planning a return visit to the winter wonderland of Fairbanks, March 13-21, 2008. Anyone interested in joining and a girl friend (and her 15 y/o son) feel free to write me off list.

    The North American Sled Dog Championships will be held during that week (3/14-3/16) and the Int'l Ice Art Championships will run through the end of March. Of course, I'm also hoping for another great light show compliments of the aurora borealis!

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    Are there any timeshares in Alaska?


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    Apparently not. RCI reports that there are none in Alaska.

    There has been reports of one near/in Whittier (Prince William Sound bay) but I think it is actually a hotel with some ability for affiliated timeshare club owners to stay there as some sort of internal exchange or rental program.

    Whittier is also out in the middle of nowhere so it is only really of any use in the summer and if you want to fish a lot.

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    This sounds like a great trip. I would love to go. Unfortunately, I do not think my schedule will allow me to do so. I hope you have a great time!
    Mike H
    Wyndham Fairshare Plus Owners, Be cool and join the Wyndham/FairfieldHOA forum!

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    Interval has this resort in their directory.

    Quote Originally Posted by neash View Post
    Are there any timeshares in Alaska?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirsty View Post
    That's the one I was talking about. It is "closest" to Anchorage but still more than an hour away (in the summer, on a good day).

    Like I said, I'm told it isn't really a timeshare resort but more of an affiliate with one of the resort companies. It would not be a good place to use for a week unless you really wanted to do a lot of fishing out there out of Whittier. There is NOTHING really there but a marina and boat trade. I'd be really surprised if they are even open in the winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshatty View Post

    This sounds like a great trip. I would love to go. Unfortunately, I do not think my schedule will allow me to do so. I hope you have a great time!

    I understand Mike. It is a bit of a long haul, and immediately before the Easter holiday too.

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    No timeshares in Alaska. The tourism industry blocking their construction. Some lodges here and there and hotels that timeshare owners can exchange into. Some may refer to these hotels as resorts, they're really just mid to high-end hotels.

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    Hi... new member here... I visited AK last fall... tho not via timeshare, I have a brother up there. It sure is a different lifestyle.. Especially now with the dark times.... Like they say--- a great place to visit... I am not sure if I could live there.

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    Follow-up . . . Trip Report/Journal

    Here is the link to the journal written/posted on IgoUgo from this trip. We had a great time, although the aurora didn't cooperate mostly it was the cloudy night skies.

    Von's Igo Fairbanks Journal March 2008


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