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Thread: Sydney and Melbourne

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    Sydney and Melbourne

    Does anyone know how hard it will be to trade my week in Las Vegas for a week in either Sydney or Melbourne. I really would like for July or August if possible. Just wanted get a gauge on how difficult of a process this may be for me!!


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    There are no timeshares in Melbourne although Interchange has one in Melbourne that they sometimes have one as a rental.

    There are two timeshares in Sydney - Manly National and Worldmark. If you only need a one br or studio, July and August are not peak season so I'd say you have a good chance of getting a Worldmark unit or any other timeshare. You can trade for a Worldmark through DAE, II or RCI. With DAE, you don't have to bank your week until your request is met and you can do request first with II.

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    APVC has a timeshare in Melbourne called -

    Flinders Lane Apartments, Melbourne, Grand Mercure.

    APVC list with Interval International but I'm not sure whether it comes up for exchange much. II is not available on-line in Australia so it is hard to check.

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    For Australia, your best bet is one of the two local independents, which have lower exchange fees, free membership, and a ''request first'' system. They also post their inventory online, and that is visible even to non-members.

    Dial An Exchange Timeshare + Vacation Ownership & Points Clubs Exchange Service

    Interchange Timeshare

    DAE started in Australia, and is still Australian-owned.

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    Yes I agree with the others and only add the Sydney Worldmark is the best for there and you should be able to get in at that time of year .
    In Melbourne you do have the APVC resort it is in the middle of the city and is ok you can only get it through II .
    The only other thing you could do is stay at Kyneton Bushland Resort and travel by train or car the 80KLS to Melbourne you will easy get in there at that time of year.

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    Thanks! I have a membership through RCI, but I will still be able to deposit my week with one of the others you mentioned??

    According the RCI online catalog, there is one place in Melbourne (Pacific International Apartments on Exhibition). Is that no longer valid??

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    Hi again

    Yes there is Pacific International they are new to the site just watch and ask that you get a week for your week as they are 3 and 4 days stay on the RCI site

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    Ahh that explains why there is a 3 and 4 after the name. Thanks! I should be getting my membership card in October, so I'm sure I'll be back to ask more questions. I'm brand new at all this.


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    really i have no idea about this


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