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Thread: Royal Holiday Club

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    The lettler needs to be postmarked with five days. Send the letter ASAP and then come back here for more help.

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    Thank You!

    I guess it's just a waiting game now? I have called and/or emailed everyone and had absolutely no luck!

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    You may want to send a copy of your letter now to PROFECO and get that ball rolling, as RHC may well try to lose your letter just like they've tried to give you the runaround on the phone. Send another letter to RHC saying that you have initiated proceedings with PROFECO because of the runaround they have given you.
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares

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    Thank You

    I will try that! I contacted my credit card company and they agreed to reverse the charges based on what I told them about RHC so maybe that will work!

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    Dear ehlee,

    Before you purchased a timeshare with Royal Holiday, I kindly recommend you to do s research in regards of Royal Holiday's reputation. If people are selling their timeshares for 1 dollar or less when they paid hundreds of dollars. They must have a good reason, think about it. If you have questions please don't hesitate in contacting me.


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    I would suggest caution when contacting someone here with a few posts. Con artists are always looking for people to fleece of more money in timesharing.

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    Dear Ehlee,

    If you are talking about Royal Holiday (; perhaps you should take your time and do a research in regards of this company. They don't have a very solid reputation online. That said perhaps you should take your precautions.

    Please don't hesitate in contacting me if you have questions.

    Ricardo Lasker.

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    Hi ehlee,

    There are several good reasons why the resale price of RHC is nearly to zero. The reason #1 is: Timeshare owners are selling out their timeshares and buyers are not buying. Consequently the release price drops to Zero. The simple law of supply and demand.

    The real question is: Why is the demand so low? the answer is very simple and discouraging, it's nearly impossible to make a reservation and/or the timeshare owners purchased the timeshare based on lies.

    Rick Lasker.

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    Dude i do not tell the exact number of units but this club is very good for the elite class peoples specially for the ambassadress its all food is very tasty and spices because i have experienced of that club..

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