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Thread: Helicopters start regular sight-seeing flights over Canyons resort

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    Helicopters start regular sight-seeing flights over Canyons resort

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    Edited to add: Where's the landing pad???? Right outside the GS on the valley side. See next post.

    Website: Park City Helitours

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    From The Park Record:

    As the last of the three resorts to open for summer recreation, The Canyons will debut in "flying" fashion. Tomorrow, Thursday, the Flight of The Canyons Gondola will open at 10 a.m., and new to this season is a partnership with Park City Helitours.

    "The helicopter rides that we will be offering, they are really going to be neat," said Elizabeth Dowd, communications manager for The Canyons Resort.

    Park City Helitours will offer five-, eight- and 16-minute rides over the resort.

    "We will take off from The Canyons and fly over the mountains and a little bit of the resort areas," said Pam Thompson, president of Park City Helitours. "We will not fly over homes and residential areas. We'll see the layout of the land and the mountains from the air."

    The helicopters will fly out of The Canyons Thursdays through Saturdays. Five minutes in a chopper doesn't sound too long, however, that doesn't include takeoff and landing time, and, Thompson said, it's enough time to cover most of the resort.

    "Five minutes always sounds short but its not," Thompson said. "It only takes us seven minutes to cover the whole area."

    "It's going to go all over The Canyons territory," Dowd added. "It's cool to see the brick-by-brick view and you'll be able to point out runs that you skied on last winter. It will be one of the top attractions that we have."
    The eight-minute flight will cover the Park City resorts and the 16-minute flight will go further into the mountains to see views over Brighton, Snowbird and other resorts.
    "You can see, in our 16-minute tours, Snowbird Brighton and Alta and the entire terrain," Thompson said. "They back up to the Park City resorts and you can't tell it from this side, it's pretty exciting."
    The flights range from $30 to $90, Dowd said, and safety is a big focus.
    "People should know we are an FAA certified company," Thompson said. "Safety is our biggest thing. We make sure there are no problems."

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    Heli pad is on valley side Isn't that peachy?????

    The heli-pad is on the valley side of the building right in front of the GS before you turn right toward the parking garage. It's by the little lake. The Silverado is across the road on the left.

    Well that general area is now the helicopter landing pad. Basically right the valley windows.

    Was this partnering with the heli-company mentioned at the latest HOA meeting?

    Anyone know?

    What I used to especially like about being in Park City was always the quiet of the mountains.

    Now we're in for noise, dust, increased dirt on the valley side windows and who knows what else.

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    Who to contact

    Board Members of the Grand Summit HOA


    Jeff Zogg
    ASC employee, VP of Canyons Lodging
    Mailing:4000 Canyons Resort Drive, Park City 84098

    Gordon Cummins

    John Nadalin

    Antonia ( Toni) Adams

    Residential Member:
    Michael Nowels
    Lewisville, TX

    Residential Member
    David Hedderly-Smith

    Residential Member
    Nancy Seraphin

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    Write to Park Record

    Write a letter to the editor of the Park Record. The Park Record - Home

    I got mine published this week. There's a form you can access on-line to send it in.


    Decision on helicopters


    Park City has been our quiet vacation mountain refuge for over two decades and now that is being ruined by the noise and dust pollution of a helicopter service just below our Grand Summit condo.

    Over the years, we've admired and watched infrastructure and design developments that carefully maintain the unique sense of place that is Park City.

    We are outraged that a helicopter service has been given permission to take off and land right below the Grand Summit. This is a residential neighborhood, despite the claims by the service that they will not be flying over residential areas.

    Unlike the Park City municipal decisions we have come to respect in the past, this one is dead wrong.


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