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    Hospice of Charleston

    Okay, I finally made some progress with a charity for our charitable cause idea. Yesterday, I spoke to Kit Cosgrove. She is the Executive Director of the Hospice of Charleston. I met her through a mutual contact.

    We discussed the concept in some detail and she is very excited about working with us in this effort. The Hospice of Charleston is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. So, it can work well to serve our purpose. Their URL is Hospice of Charleston : Serving Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. I think this is a good fit for our program since the prime target of the post card companies appears to be senior citizens. Hospice is something that could be meaningful to them.

    I agreed to draft a proposal for how this effort would work. I'll try to complete it within about a week for review here and with Kit. I have asked Cindy (shopgirl) to help out since she is so vocal about the post card companies. I think we can come up with a real grass roots effort across the timeshare message board community to get the word out.

    I know that I promised we would discuss and agree upon a charity. I didn't have time to go through that process. I would suggest that we work with Kit since she is motivated to work with us. That will help us iron out the kinks in our program. Then, we can expand the program to include other charities.

    The funny thing is we have a thread going on regarding how the post card companies get their lists. I actually tried to figure that out myself which is how I found one company who sells lists to Timeshare Relief. One of the options we can pursue is the send posts cards to the same target audience. But, we dont' hold seminars, we just inform them of the option to donate with a toll free number to call. That has to be more appealing than paying $3500 to dump your timeshare.

    At this time, I need to activate this private forum and start adding people to it. I'll create a powerpoint presentation on the concept and post it here for review. I need to go through my old posts to see who wanted to volunteer to help. I had about 6-12 people who stepped up.

    This is very exciting to me. Let me know your thoughts.

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    This sounds a very good idea and may ring a bell with older folks so they will pay attention to this mailing. What are volunteers supposed to do, Jim? I am sure you know that there are list brokers who can guide you to the right lists. I believe they let you know who they sell to so you have an idea.


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