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Thread: Full Disclosure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill4728 View Post
    I feel the same way.

    Having people who are making a living at TS is a huge help to this community.
    Ditto. Though I must admit to be a tad jealous

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    Boca, I remember about when you first started posting on these timeshare sites. IMHO I found out how keen of a math mind you have before most of the others did.

    What tipped me off was I had posted some information in regards to a certain type of RCI Points cost ratio. Out of about 30? to 50? posts on that string you were the only one who caught and fully understood that RCI Points cost in relationship to rentals meant. You understood how and why a (negative) positive cost number per point became a (postive) negative cost number.
    You took that fact and made excellant use of it.

    You are IMHO are one of the few people who has the reasoning skill to to figure out new trends and other things in timesharing before most of us do.

    But I warned you at that time that timeshares are like potato chips. But instead of stopping at one chip or a bag of chips you are now in a swiming pool of chips. Next year maybe a Ocean of chips.

    I could wish you luck but IMHO you do not need it so I will just congradulate you on your many timesharing accomplishments.


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    IMHO you've continue to be the most valuable contributor of unbiased advice with an inside track to the workings of Bluegreen. You've been of immeasurable help to countless people. I hear you have a good mind for math so if we were to multiply immeasurable by countless, my close estimate would be infinity.

    So, Infinity Jim, you have my vote for continued leadership and involvement in this forum. ... Noelle

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucecz View Post
    ...But I warned you at that time that timeshares are like potato chips. But instead of stopping at one chip or a bag of chips you are now in a swiming pool of chips. Next year maybe a Ocean of chips.
    Ha ha haaaa.... nice one, Bruce! Tasty thought...

    Toasting (with coffee, I'm in the office) to your overwhelming successes!!

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    I have no problem with people in the timeshare business contributing. There are others on this board who also timeshare for more than a hobby.

    Curious as to what your timeshare business is. Are you into brokering, buying and reselling, renting or a combination? Do you have a website?

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    Of course we are so happy for you, but you already knew that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by billymach4 View Post

    So if I understand this correctly, you are making a full time independent career out of buying and selling timeshares. Most likely of the Bluegreen variety? And you built up a decent following in 10 months?

    Thats Great!
    It just shows what honesty and integrity will do for you in the TS business. It shows that people are hungry for those things and will gravitate to them very quickly. Congratulations on your quick success Jim. My wishes for much more.

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    I think disclosing having a business involved in timesharing is a refreshing idea that will eliminate others from thinking you have hidden motives. We've had a few sneaky creeps roaming around here and other places and sooner or later they get found out.

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    So Boca
    All those great Hawaii trips are deductable, right? I certainly hope so Happy to know someone is able to combine their love of travel with a career, too. Bet it's nice to abandon the high tech rat race, too.

    Best wishes in your new career. ps: If your looking for someone part-time to check out destination resorts, I'm your gal. I work cheap.
    The legitimate object of Government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done but cannot do at all or cannot do so well for themselves”- Lincoln

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    I have always enjoyed your input on this forum.
    As many know, ( or not )I have not had a problem with timeshares for what they stand for but do have a problem with how they are marketed. ( we all know anout the lies ) You, with your experience can bring about a new refreshing input on people getting involved in the world of timeshares. Honesty ! ( There are others too thankfully )
    Good luck ! Really quite remarkable with the economy the way it is !


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