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Thread: Avoiding Traffic on the Las Vegas Strip

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    Avoiding Traffic on the Las Vegas Strip

    Here's my "Stay Off The Strip" directions for if you are coming from South Strip. If you are planning to stay at one of the timeshares there, please print this out, it will save you a lot of trouble and aggrivation.

    If you come down Koval to Harmon, and turn left onto Harmon, then right on Audrie, you will see an entrance to the Aladdin's garage, where you can access both valet and self parking.

    If you are coming from South of Mandalay Bay, you'd turn right on Mandalay Bay Road. It twists and turns a time or two, becoming Giles, then Reno, and finally Koval. From Koval you can turn Left on Harmon for Aladdin, or left on Ida (3rd street past Flamingo) for Imperial Palace. Continue on Koval *past* Ida to the next (unnamed) left, which will have a big sign for Harrah's and Venetian parking. One more block and you are at Sands/Spring Mountain. Turn left here and right at Las Vegas Blvd. for Wynn, or cross Las Vegas Blvd. for Fashion Show Mall (although I'd probably have gotten on I-15 if I was going to the mall).

    For the *other* side of the street, I always take I-15. Off at Flamingo and turn right a half a block for Bellagio, or left a half a block for Caesar's. For Mirage and Treasure Island get off at Spring Mountain. BUT, the offramp is two lanes, immediately after Flamingo, AND you need the LEFT LANE if you are going RIGHT. Honestly! Remember, just like the old folk song, "the one on the left is on the right, and the one on the right is on the left." Stay in the right lane as you get off the freeway, and turn at the signal directly behind Treasure Island. That will lead you to both the valet and parking areas of both hotels without ever touching The Strip. You can use this same offramp for the Fashion Show Mall, but when you get off the freeway and make the right turn you have to immediately cross all lanes of traffic and get in the left lane (I've done it; its not that bad if you've ever lived in a major metro area). Turn Left at the first signal and you'll be in the parking lot for the mall.
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    Thanks, I copied and pasted this to a word doc.

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    I added it to my travel plans, as we will be renting a car.


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    Someone recently asked about Polo Towers, so here is my take on driving from there, avoiding traffic:

    Polo Towers is probably my least favorite place to stay with a car, because that is precisely where the traffic bogs down on The Strip. If you are going to MGM, Trop, Excalibur, NYNY, Luxor or Mandalay Bay, I'd suggest you hoof it. You can use a free tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay and Luxor.

    Going the other way, if you are going to Harrah's or Venetian, exit out the back of Polo Towers (I think you still can), via the alley in front of Marriott's Grand Chateau, and turn Right onto Harmon. Turn Left on Koval, go across Flamingo then follow the signs for a left turn into the back of the Venetian or Harrah's.

    If you want to go to Wynn or Fashion Show Mall, take Koval to Sands (the end), turn left, then right at Las Vegas Bl. Wynn will be on the right, the mall on the left.

    If you are going further, or downtown, take Paradise down to St. :Louis. Jog slightly left, then right onto Las Vegas Blvd. You'll be just beyond the Stratosphere if you wanted to go there (it is behind you). Otherwise continue on downtown.

    If you are trying to get out of there to get to Boulder City, Henderson, etc., turn right on Harmon and follow it to Paradise. Turn right again, staying in the 3rd lane from the left (I think). Pass behind the airport and take the sign marked I-215 Henderson.

    If you need to get on I-15, I'd take Harmon right to Koval, go right on Trop and follow it to the freeway on ramp.

    Before noon or 1 PM most days it is fine to go directly on The Strip. But later, not so much.

    Hope this helps.
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    There is still the alley behind Polo Towers. That alley makes it easy getting in and out of Polo Towers as there is a traffic light on Harmon where that alley comes out onto the street. We've always used that enterance/exit when staying at either PT's or Marriott's Grand Chateau. From there we'll take either Koval or Paradise, depending on how far north we want to go or take Koval down to Tropicana and reverse you're earlier directions to go further south or get to MB, Luxor et.....

    PT's really isn't any more of a problem than the Marriott, what Westgate will be or Wynhdam/Fairfield on further down Harmon. Just don't try to get into or out of PT's from the strip. Between the traffic on the strip and the foot traffic walking across the entrance it's a real problem.

    Years ago they promised a traffic light right about there but I was certain that wasn't going to happen. When they started City Center I had hoped that they'd at least put a pedestrian bridge across Harmon from corne where the Harley Davidson Cafe is over to the Aladdin but it doesn't look like that's going to happen either. Eventually, Vegas is going to have to do something with the pedestrian crossing at Harmon. It's makes for a traffic choke point when cars want to turn right onto Harmon and is dangerous for pedestrians ans many don't understand what a don't walk sign is for.


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