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Thread: Report on my Trips to Austria and Germany

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    Smile Report on my Trips to Austria and Germany

    This is a report that I posted on Tug. I will be adding more detail, but I wanted to get this started for Bigfrank.
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    We were in Germany in September in 1997 and 1999. The weather was mostly sunny and in the mid 70s and 80s. When I view a timeshare resort I look at the total package. The location of the resort is just as, and maybe, more important than the resort. I feel that this even more true in Germany and Austria than the United States. I have been to 4 resorts in Germany and Austria and would rate each of them overall as follows.

    1) #2578 Metro Ferienclub Grundlsee 9.5 to 10 GC resort
    2) #2029 Metro Ferienclub Oberstaufen 8 to 9 RID resort
    3) #1533 Metro Ferienclub Mitterfels 8 to 8. 5 RID resort
    4) #1667 Gemuender Ferienwohnpark Salzberg 6 to 7

    These resorts may not be new and have fabulous decor as stated in the rating form for a TUG 9 rating. But the natural and man made beauty of the southern part of Germany and Austria is just unbelievable. The charm of the cities and towns of Germany and Austria is something very special. When in Germany and Austria, I did not spend much time at the resort. A clean bed and a place to eat breakfast is all that I am looking for. We used the resort as a base for day trips to the many sights of Germany and Austria.

    However, each of the three Metro Ferienclub Resorts had enough amenities to make the resort itself worthy of its awards as Gold Crown and Resorts of International Distinction. If you play tennis, Metro Ferienclub Mitterfels has 4 red clay courts with a view that makes it hard to keep your mind on hitting a tennis ball. All 4 Resorts has more than enough to see and do within a 1 1/2 hours drive. In order to enjoy the area completely I think a car is necessary, but the 3 Ferienclub Resorts have daily bus tours (for a fee) to areas in and around Germany. Gemuender Ferienwohnpark Salzberg had one bus tour to the Rhine River in mid-week. Taking a train or using the Park and Ride, lots is a good way to see the larger cities.

    The sightseeing highlight of each resort was;
    Grundlsee------Salzburg, Salt mines, Hallstatt, Salzkammergut area
    Oberstaufen----Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, Bodensee, Mainau Island
    Mitterfels-----Munich, Oktoberfest, Prague, Regensburg, Passau, Straubing
    Gemund---------Rhine and Mosel rivers, Cologne, Trier, Aachen, Rothenburg

    However, some of the best days we had was just going for a ride in the country, stopping at an interesting small town, doing a little shopping, eating at an outdoor cafe, having a beer, seeing a farmers market, and going to a celebration or fest for bring the cows home safely from the high alpine pasture. (Usually this includes a large tent with food, drink, band music, and awards for the cows.) In other words, you need to get the real feel of German and Austrian life instead of just the tourist areas.

    I would go back to each resort because of what each resort offers in amenities and location. However, I think that the beauty that surrounds Grundlsee is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in all my years on this earth. This is especially true as the morning fog or low clouds rise and turns into a clear blue sky.

    Walt Ein Pils.

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    This is my new report about our Holidays in Germany and Austria.

    We return to Oberstaufen in September 2002. The 2nd week we were at MONDI-HOLIDAY Bellevue Bad Gastein Austria on this Holiday.

    I would highly recommend Rick Steve’s Guide Books for anyone that is traveling to Europe. They are in paper back form and undated yearly. There are no pictures but he get to the chase. I have never been disappointed in any of the sights that he recommended.

    Maybe someone can help me out on the hours of the Food Stores. Back in 1997 and 1998, it seemed that the food Store had to be closed from noon on Saturday to Monday morning. I’m not sure of the hours, but I think the Food Stores now are open later on Saturday. This can be a problem for anyone coming into a Timeshare Resort on Saturdays and wants to cook in.

    MONDI-HOLIDAY Oberstaufen

    Munich (Munchen) Airport to Oberstaufen:

    Total distance: 126 miles (202.8 km )
    Total estimated time: 2 hours and 45 min

    The Resort has a bakery for fresh breakfast breads. It is open from 7 - 9 am daily but go early, because they sell out before 9:00 AM. We ate at both restaurants. The Food was very good. Make sure while you are in Germany to have at least one true Germany breakfast.

    By the way, back in 1997, I had a 1 bedroom unit reserved with RCI. When we arrived, (the 2 of us) the Resort gave us a Studio instead. Since I knew that European Resorts are smaller, I thought that this was their idea of a 1 bedroom. Silly me! Well, when I got back to the States, I called RCI and they gave me back my Exchange Fee.

    Things to See and Do:


    Oberstaufen to Fussen: Neuschwanstein is 3 Km northeast of Fussen.

    Total distance: 46.4 miles (74.6 km )
    Total estimated time: 1 hours and 8 min

    This is King Ludwig's magnificent and most famous castle, built in the neo-late romanesque style. With its turrets and mock-medievalism, its interior styles ranging from Byzantine through Romonanesque to Gothic its a real fairy-tale fantasy come true.

    This is a must if you are timesharing at Oberstaufen. Do you think Walt Disney saw this Castle before there was a Disneyland?

    Right next to Neuschwanstein is Hohenschwangau Castle,

    Wieskirche: White Church The Wieskirche (Church on the Meadow) is located about 12 miles from Füssen.

    When in Austria or Southern Germany make sure you see some of the most beautiful Churches in the World. Wieskirche is awesome inside.

    Town of Oberstaufen:

    Spend some time in the town of Oberstaufen. The restaurants are very good. I really liked one called Zum Adler.,...home/home.html

    Oberammergau: Known for the Passion Play every 10 years. Read up on the History of Oberammmergau.

    Oberstaufen to Oberammergau:

    Total distance: 76.2 miles (122.7 km )
    Total estimated time: 1 hours and 54 min

    Mainau Island: Flowers, Flowers, and Butterflies. Island in the Bodensee and near Lindau.

    Bodensee and Lindau: Lindau is a German city and an island in the eastern part of the Lake Constance or Bodensee.,RNWE:en

    Oberstaufen to Lindau:

    Total distance: 26.4 miles (42.4 km )
    Total estimated time: 41 min

    Schloss Linderhof: King Ludwig's favorite castle, was built between 1870 and 1879, modelled on the Petit Trianon at Versailles, France.

    Oberstaufen to Ettal: Schloss Linderhof is near Ettal. 10 Km west of Ettal. Ettal is also known for the Benedictine Kloster (Monastery).

    Total distance: 79.1 miles (127.3 km )
    Total estimated time: 1 hours and 59 min

    Garmisch-Partenkirchen In 1936 it was the site of the Winter Olympic Games. The Partnach Gorge, or Partnachklamm, is a "don't miss" attraction on any visit to the Bavarian alpine resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The gorge, which acts as a natural conduit for the Partnach River, runs 700 meters or 2,305 feet between limestone walls that reach 80 meters (262 feet) high. A series of galleries and tunnels has been carved out of the rock along one side, allowing visitors to walk along the rushing river and duck behind waterfalls. We went up to a summit of the Alpspitze on a cable car and hiked down to the Partnachklamm. This was just Awesome.

    Oberstaufen to Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

    Total distance: 76 miles (122.3 km )
    Total estimated time: 2 hours

    Zugspitze is near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

    The Zugspitze (Zug = "draught", Spitze = "peak") is the highest mountain in Germany. It is located at the Austrian border in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria.


    (German: München) is the state capital of the German state of Bavaria. After Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is Germany's third largest city with a population of about 1.4 million (as of 2004).

    Oktoberfest After of 17 days OF Bavarian Gemutlichkeit, more beer, music and party, the Octoberfest has ended for this year. More than 6 million visitors consumed about 6,1 million "measure" of more beer, 95 oxen and hundeds OF thousands OF wurstl. Ocktoberfest 2006 - Munich, Germany

    The Dates for Oktoberfest 2006 in Munich (Munchen) are Saturday September 16th - Sunday October 3rd.

    GermanFest If you can not get to Oktoberfest in Germany, come to Milwaukee's Germanfest.


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    Picture of Austria and Germany 2002

    Here are some Pictures of Oberstaufen, Germany, Bad Gastein, Austria and Kilconquhar, Scotland.

    Yes, we did see Venice on our trip to Bad Gastein.


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