2007-02-28 21:30:06 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: welcome back
2007-02-28 21:30:25 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: 9:30pm now
2007-02-28 21:30:27 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: OK let's
2007-02-28 21:30:32 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: test -- to see if this
2007-02-28 21:30:32 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: ok
2007-02-28 21:30:37 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: lock and load
2007-02-28 21:30:41 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Actually,
let's wait about 5-10 minutes...
2007-02-28 21:30:59 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: There are a
number of people that are registering at this moment
2007-02-28 21:31:06 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: If we can hold
posting. for a few minutes. We'll address the pre-posted questions.
2007-02-28 21:31:34 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: OK we'll give them
a few.
2007-02-28 21:31:38 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: starting now?
2007-02-28 21:32:04 [Message] swit29 -> Chat Lobby: 4ARedOctober
Let's start
2007-02-28 21:32:56 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: I banked two
weeks with TPI today and already booked a week in Hawaii
2007-02-28 21:33:01 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: how is that
for a start
2007-02-28 21:33:04 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Let's waite to
9:35 to get started...
2007-02-28 21:33:09 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: thanks for
the help marcie
2007-02-28 21:33:18 [Message] BocaBum99 -> Chat Lobby: Nice
2007-02-28 21:33:22 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Vacation Rep -- should
we call you VR or what?
2007-02-28 21:33:29 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: my pleasure!
2007-02-28 21:33:40 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you can
callme by name, Marcie
2007-02-28 21:33:42 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: her name is
marcie spitzer
2007-02-28 21:33:54 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Let me get
things started by welcoming everyone to our first Chat of 2007.
2007-02-28 21:34:04 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: hi marcie
2007-02-28 21:34:10 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Lawren, do you
have plans for how this chat will run?
2007-02-28 21:34:14 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Hello
2007-02-28 21:34:22 [Message] wanderer8844 -> Chat Lobby: hi there
2007-02-28 21:34:25 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: :hi: :hi:
2007-02-28 21:34:32 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: IO'd like to
welcome Marcie from TPI and everyone here this evening.
2007-02-28 21:34:41 [Message] swit29 -> Chat Lobby: Hi, Marcie
2007-02-28 21:34:51 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Nice turn out so
2007-02-28 21:34:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Hello!
2007-02-28 21:34:55 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: thanks lawren
2007-02-28 21:34:59 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: :hi: Marcie
2007-02-28 21:35:20 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: We did request
questions prior to the chat and we'd like to answer those. Then open
the chat for the membership if that is OK

2007-02-28 21:35:35 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Sounds good
2007-02-28 21:35:38 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: oint:
2007-02-28 21:35:40 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: There were 20 ?s
2007-02-28 21:35:48 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Are we ready?
2007-02-28 21:35:50 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: sorry had to
post that one L2
2007-02-28 21:35:52 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Let the games
2007-02-28 21:36:08 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: looking forward to
the answers
2007-02-28 21:36:20 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: go ahead
2007-02-28 21:36:21 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Hey, this chat room is
2007-02-28 21:36:28 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: hey :frank:
2007-02-28 21:36:34 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: The first was
depositing from FF. and FF points and how we could accomplish this.
2007-02-28 21:37:23 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: well, you
will have to bare with me, the copy and paste is not working
2007-02-28 21:37:36 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: and my cut-n-paste
option isn't working...
2007-02-28 21:37:48 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: and neither is
Marcie's LOL
2007-02-28 21:37:53 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: and my
cut-n-paste option isn't working..
2007-02-28 21:37:57 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Marcie you have
to use the control V to paste
2007-02-28 21:38:10 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: let me try
2007-02-28 21:38:16 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: A) Can I deposit a
Fairfield unit, if so how. I am *very* interested in trading with my
Fairfield Points. Can I just make a reservation with FF using my points
for any FF resort, and then put TPI on as the guest who will be using
the week, or how will TPI handle FF deposits?
2007-02-28 21:38:20 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Mine works?
Right click and I get an option to paste
2007-02-28 21:38:25 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: I just learned
about the control V, control C at work today
2007-02-28 21:38:56 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby:
Trading Places International - Timeshare Rentals, Exchange, Resales, and Travel Services
2007-02-28 21:39:10 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: umm, not
working fo rme
2007-02-28 21:39:21 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: not working
for me either
2007-02-28 21:39:32 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: control v
2007-02-28 21:39:36 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: paste
2007-02-28 21:39:39 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Ken that option
does not work for me. I can only do it with Control V
2007-02-28 21:39:52 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Marcie Hold down
Ctrl and "v" and paste.
2007-02-28 21:39:55 [Message] BocaBum99 -> Chat Lobby: 800-365-1048
toll free
2007-02-28 21:39:57 [Message] mshatty -> Chat Lobby: Make sure you have
put your cursor back in the chat space where you type
2007-02-28 21:40:14 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: ok....sorry
guys. Let me try that
2007-02-28 21:40:56 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: sorry....
2007-02-28 21:40:59 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: not working
2007-02-28 21:41:02 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: so here I go
2007-02-28 21:41:10 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: we'll wait for
2007-02-28 21:41:31 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: there is
already a procedure in place for Wyndam owners, formerly known as FF
2007-02-28 21:41:58 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: You would
contact Wyndam directly and let them know that you want to dep with TPI
2007-02-28 21:42:20 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: they will
take your information and connect you directly with us
2007-02-28 21:42:31 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: ABOVE RE
QUESTION: The first was depositing from FF. and FF points and how we could
accomplish this.
2007-02-28 21:43:06 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: After you are
connected with us, we will bank your week and you will be all set
2007-02-28 21:43:33 [Message] mshatty -> Chat Lobby: Do we call TPI
first before calling Wyndam?
2007-02-28 21:43:40 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: I have to run to
the store for my wife
2007-02-28 21:44:07 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No, there is
no need to. You can but it is not necessary because you have to
contact Wyndam first to turn in your points
2007-02-28 21:44:18 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Can we request
without a deposit?
2007-02-28 21:45:18 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes. You can
do a search first however we prefer you to deposit your week
2007-02-28 21:45:23 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: with your
2007-02-28 21:45:39 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: D) Is there a
trade value assigned to specific deposits?
2007-02-28 21:45:52 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Good question!
2007-02-28 21:46:10 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: yes, very
important to know
2007-02-28 21:47:03 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No.
2007-02-28 21:47:11 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: no???
2007-02-28 21:47:11 [Message] swit29 -> Chat Lobby: Is my trading value
lower if I don't deposit my week first?
2007-02-28 21:47:20 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: We try to
exchange you for a like for like resort
2007-02-28 21:47:31 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Basic
Question, How do we join or use Trading Places and what requirements are there
for joining?
2007-02-28 21:47:32 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: so isn't that
trade value?
2007-02-28 21:47:40 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: if we are
unable to do that, we will let you know what we have and you can decide
from there
2007-02-28 21:48:07 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: What comprises the
like for like factors ?
2007-02-28 21:48:09 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: I suppose you
could say that, but we don't have any wording for it or any rating for
2007-02-28 21:48:10 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: How would we know
what you consider 'like forlike'?
2007-02-28 21:48:31 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Let us know when we
can ask questions...
2007-02-28 21:48:48 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: oops! sorry!
2007-02-28 21:48:50 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: your unit
size, the amenities your resort provides, the quality of your resort, etc
2007-02-28 21:48:57 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: TU
2007-02-28 21:49:05 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: OK let's stick
to the pre-asked and we can go back in for clarification

2007-02-28 21:49:16 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: sorry L
2007-02-28 21:49:20 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: E) Are upgrades in
size generally available?
2007-02-28 21:49:42 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes, however
we do charge a fee for upgrading your week
2007-02-28 21:50:06 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: F) Would a 2
bedroom deposit have a better chance to get a 2 bedroom in exchange or is it
first to request gets it
2007-02-28 21:50:11 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: the fee is
$200.00 per week, available at at discount if you join the optional
2007-02-28 21:50:39 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes, we go by
the order the request was received according to unit size....
2007-02-28 21:50:46 [Message] swit29 -> Chat Lobby: Is there a fee due
when requesting an exchange ?
2007-02-28 21:50:54 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: G) Are there any
units or seasons you will not accept?
2007-02-28 21:51:12 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: swit we are
getting there.
2007-02-28 21:51:12 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: we do not
charge for the exchange until we have made it happen for you
2007-02-28 21:51:41 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No, we will
accept just about anything at this time
2007-02-28 21:51:51 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: H) Do you accept
South Africa deposits?
2007-02-28 21:51:55 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes.
2007-02-28 21:52:14 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: I) What
cancellation penalties exist, if you find you cannot use your exchange? What
happens to your week? Can you request another exchange after cancelling?
2007-02-28 21:53:30 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Technically,
ALL EXCHANGES ARE FINAL, however we understand that life happens and
that we are all humanIf you are going to cancel, and we have enough
notice we will work with you. The exchange fee is nonrefundable
2007-02-28 21:53:45 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: J) What is the
"Hold" window before you must confirm your exchange?
2007-02-28 21:54:00 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: 24 hours
2007-02-28 21:54:13 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: K) Is the bonus
week for anything in the 45 day exchange pool without the season and size
2007-02-28 21:54:43 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: we don't have
seasonal upgrade fees any longer, the voucher can be used for anything
listed on the last mintute exchange list on our web site
2007-02-28 21:54:46 [Message] jsraaf -> Chat Lobby: In your experience
what kind of trading power do Mayan Palace weeks hold at TPI?
2007-02-28 21:55:20 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Mayan Palace will
be specifically addred in a few moments.
2007-02-28 21:55:26 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: L) How come we
don't always get a phone call when there is a match for our exchange
2007-02-28 21:56:14 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I have always
received a personal phone call
2007-02-28 21:56:16 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you should
always get a phone call once your request has been matched in the system.
Whoever asked this question, please email me so I can follow up on why
you were not called
2007-02-28 21:56:28 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: N) Do I get
enhanced exchange power (priority over others) if I agree to trade my two
bedroom for a one bedroom?
2007-02-28 21:57:01 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No, sorry.
If you chose to take a smaller unit that is entirely up to you.
2007-02-28 21:57:11 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: O) My resort
recently joined the Premier Access program and we can exchange within the PA
resorts with no exchange fee. However, if I want to exchange into a
resort outside the PA resorts, do I need to have a separate membership?
2007-02-28 21:58:08 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No. You can
exchange to any of our resorts for a discounted exchange fee but you do
not have to join our membershiop
2007-02-28 21:58:14 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: oops, sorry
2007-02-28 21:58:22 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: P) I own Mayan
Palace Vacation Club. I see Mayan Palace Riviera Maya is a PA resort. Does
that mean all Mayan Palaces are PA resorts? If I want to deposit a
Mayan Palace week, am I able to specify somehow through the vacation club
that only a Riviera Maya week should be made available for TPI?
2007-02-28 21:59:41 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No, not all
the Mayan resorts are in our PA program. As far as the second part of
your question I do not understand what you are asking....if you chose to
deposit your week with TPI, you would call us to do so
2007-02-28 21:59:54 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Q) If I make a
deposit today, is it good for two years from the date I make the deposit,
or two years from the actual week; i.e., if I deposit a 2008 week, is
it good until 2010 (two years after actual use date), or does it expire
in 2009 (two years from today)
2007-02-28 22:00:42 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: When you
deposit your week it is good for 2 years from the date of the week your
are despositing.
2007-02-28 22:00:53 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: R) Is there a
chart somewhere that shows the season of the various resorts? I mostly own
red time but with FF, for example, might wish to deposit a blue time
week when I'm searching for a blue time exchange. How can I get them to
jive with TPI?
2007-02-28 22:00:56 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: depositing,
sorry guys I am trying to type too fast
2007-02-28 22:01:21 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Marcie don't worry
you should see BigFranks posts.
2007-02-28 22:01:28 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: u are doing
2007-02-28 22:01:31 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Hahahaha
2007-02-28 22:01:38 [Message] mshatty -> Chat Lobby: :lmao: :lmao:
2007-02-28 22:01:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: We no longer
have seasonal values
2007-02-28 22:02:06 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: S) What are the
different types of Bonus Weeks? How do we use Bonus Weeks? What are the
associated fees to use one? How long are they good for? Why don’t they
show in our account on-line?
2007-02-28 22:03:46 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: We have
several bonus weeks but the one used most often is our Instant Exchange
Voucher. This voucher is meant to be used by looking at our online
exchange list. You can book any of the inventory you see on this list at 45
days out for a fee of $169.00
2007-02-28 22:04:09 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: if the cert
is not showing in your account, please let me know you should be able to
see this
2007-02-28 22:04:18 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: T) What are the
upgrade fees?
2007-02-28 22:04:33 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: unit upgrades
are $200.00 for the week
2007-02-28 22:04:41 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: U) What are the
exchange fees?
2007-02-28 22:04:59 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: back
2007-02-28 22:05:04 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: $149 domestic
and $159 international
2007-02-28 22:05:10 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: V) What are the
membership fees?
2007-02-28 22:06:20 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: We have no
mandatory membership fee. We have an optional membership program called
VEC, vacation exchange club. This will give you discounted exchange
fees, hot deal rentals, etc and is only $79 per year.....again this is
2007-02-28 22:06:28 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: OK I felt the
pre-asked questions needed to be addressed. folks the floor is now open
2007-02-28 22:06:38 [Message] basham -> Chat Lobby: I currently reside
in the Eastern US. Would TPI be of use to me.?
2007-02-28 22:06:38 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Do you have to
speak to a VC to use a bonus week from the Hot Deal list or can the
exchange be made online?
2007-02-28 22:06:56 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you should be
able to do that online
2007-02-28 22:07:11 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: u missed one
question on the bonus weeks....how long are they good for?
2007-02-28 22:07:13 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: Lawren- did you miss
question M ?
2007-02-28 22:07:33 [Message] jsraaf -> Chat Lobby: Trading power of
Mayan Palace weeks, in your experience?
2007-02-28 22:07:50 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: sorry, bonus
weeks are good for 1 year from the date they were issued
2007-02-28 22:08:08 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: No Tony it was
actually asked earlier...M) When is the exchange fee payable? When request
has been made or when the exchange has been confirmed? The answer is
when the exchange has been matched.
2007-02-28 22:08:26 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Do all deposited
weeks show up on the online exchange inventory?
2007-02-28 22:08:32 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Do you get a bonus
week with each deposit that is greater than a certain number of days to
2007-02-28 22:08:36 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: Ok- just wnted to
show off that I know the alphabet
2007-02-28 22:08:40 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Mayan Palace
weeks are in great demand
2007-02-28 22:08:46 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby:
2007-02-28 22:09:11 [Message] wanderer8844 -> Chat Lobby: Do you have
to be a VEC member to get a hot deal?
2007-02-28 22:09:16 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Arline, not
yet....we are testing our new system right now as you know our online
exchange system was just rolled out about a month or so ago
2007-02-28 22:09:47 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes, if you
deposit your week at more than a 120 days out you will get a bonus week,
aka, Instant exchange voucher
2007-02-28 22:09:56 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Will TPI take in
any and all resorts no matter where or when it is?
2007-02-28 22:10:13 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you do not
have to be a vec member to book hot deals
2007-02-28 22:10:31 [Message] mshatty -> Chat Lobby: Basham's question
about being on east coast of US, what TPI availability is there in that
area of the US
2007-02-28 22:10:43 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: we will take
in any resort, but it has to be given to us with advance notice
2007-02-28 22:11:02 [Message] wanderer8844 -> Chat Lobby: then what is
the benefit of being a VEC member
2007-02-28 22:11:03 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: I just want to
note that TPI is also a resort mgmt company. I know we have HOA members
here and they may also have ?s

2007-02-28 22:11:30 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: resorts on
the east coast, yes we do have resorts
2007-02-28 22:11:30 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Can the same
deposited weeks show up on both the exchange list and hot deal list?
2007-02-28 22:11:44 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: the best
thing is to go to our website and pull up our exchange directory
2007-02-28 22:11:49 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: We love you guys at
Maui Schooner!
2007-02-28 22:12:00 [Message] jsraaf -> Chat Lobby: Are there many
exchanges available for Caribbean locations like Aruba, Antigua, etc.?
2007-02-28 22:12:06 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Does trading
power count. In other words can I get a better resort than what I am giving
2007-02-28 22:12:26 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No, we have
rental programs with certain resorts through our management
contracts....trade space is not on the hot deals list
2007-02-28 22:12:33 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Thanks
2007-02-28 22:12:48 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: you are quite
2007-02-28 22:12:58 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: bigfrank, yes
sometimes...but again we try to stick with like for like exchanges
2007-02-28 22:13:08 [Message] swit29 -> Chat Lobby: Do you get a
developer's inventory from Mexican resorts ?
2007-02-28 22:13:12 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Thank YOu
2007-02-28 22:13:37 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: some of our
contracts do allow us to rent their developer or delingquent inventory
2007-02-28 22:13:53 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Is there
any leaway on the 120 deposit? I was waiting until tonight to hear what
you have to say and my week is a week 27 just inside the 120 days.
2007-02-28 22:14:02 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes, we do
have Aruba and Antigua
2007-02-28 22:14:33 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: can we rent
our exchanges or bonus weeks
2007-02-28 22:14:40 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Arkansas,
contact to me tomorrow and I will make an exception for you
2007-02-28 22:14:49 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: are there any
1 in 4 or 1 in 3 rules
2007-02-28 22:14:59 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: how much for
guest certs
2007-02-28 22:15:04 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: redoctober,
what you do with your week is your business
2007-02-28 22:15:09 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Is it the rentals
that end up on the Hot Deal list when it gets closer to the use date?
2007-02-28 22:15:14 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Thanks
2007-02-28 22:15:15 [Message] swit29 -> Chat Lobby: Do you get
Marriott's in the Caribbeans ?
2007-02-28 22:15:30 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: no sorry, we
do not get the Marriotts
2007-02-28 22:15:36 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: So, how does a
person start using Trading Places? Is there an application or screen
of the units we wish to deposit?
2007-02-28 22:15:47 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes, the
rentals that did not rent end up on the hot deals list
2007-02-28 22:15:53 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: ty
2007-02-28 22:16:16 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: to use TPI
for the first time, I suggest you call us....let us walk you through the
2007-02-28 22:16:46 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Please know
2007-02-28 22:17:07 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: I was looking
for a basic overview, for the library.
2007-02-28 22:17:08 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: we have 2
buckets of inventory...rental designated inventory and exchange inventory
2007-02-28 22:17:44 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: 7:14 PM
[4ARedOctober] are there any 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 rules
2007-02-28 22:17:58 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: I am not sure
I understand what you are asking
2007-02-28 22:18:30 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: can we stay
at any of your resorts an unlimited amount of times
2007-02-28 22:18:32 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: Restricting
exchanges for only 1 i 3 or 4 years
2007-02-28 22:18:44 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: via exchange
or bonus weeks or whatever
2007-02-28 22:18:47 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Red wants to know
is there any restrictions on coming back to the same resort with in 3
2007-02-28 22:18:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes you
can....we do not have any limits at this time
2007-02-28 22:19:03 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I know there is no
cost for guest certificates, you can call TPI and ask them to put
another name on the confirmation, but I'm not clear if we could rent our
confirmed week, if our circumstances change.
2007-02-28 22:19:23 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: So Mayan Palcae
does not have that rule with TPI
2007-02-28 22:19:36 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you can do
what you want with your week.....if you rent it on your own, you just
call us and give us the name when you have it
2007-02-28 22:19:52 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: so no charge
for guest certs for anyone even if we are not members?
2007-02-28 22:20:03 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Vacation Rep,
you can click a name to make it easier to identify wh you are replying
2007-02-28 22:20:06 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: We have not
been told that by Mayan, we getting owners weeks from the Mayan resorts
not developer
2007-02-28 22:20:41 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: That is good to
know about Mayan palace
2007-02-28 22:20:57 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Quarterbore
thanks for the tip
2007-02-28 22:21:03 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: If I own a resort that
is on your list of Premier Access, does that automatically mean I am in
the PA program?
2007-02-28 22:21:39 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: I would like to
trade my island park village summer week for Mayan palace or Grand mayan
- would that be considered 'like 4 like'?
2007-02-28 22:21:50 [Message] iconnections -> Chat Lobby: Is there a
list of all your resorts?
2007-02-28 22:21:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No. The PA
program is something that is offered by your resort, not available to
2007-02-28 22:22:02 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: When you register,
you are a member. There is no cost for membership. If you want to join
the Vacation Exchange Club, you get a discount on TPI's fees.
2007-02-28 22:22:16 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: GrayFal yes,
it would be
2007-02-28 22:22:36 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Thanks Marcie -
GREAT to know!
2007-02-28 22:22:41 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: iconnections
yes, on our website or you can contact me and I would be happy to send
you a directory
2007-02-28 22:22:54 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Sorry, I tried to
make one word red and the whole post went on fire.
2007-02-28 22:23:00 [Message] iconnections -> Chat Lobby: Thank you,
2007-02-28 22:23:10 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Arline Yes,
this is true as well as other benefits of being a member of VEC
2007-02-28 22:23:54 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: As I
understand it, Like for Like is size only such as 2BR for a 2 BR season and
location are not factored in?
2007-02-28 22:24:25 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I was a member for
2 years. Loved the magazine
2007-02-28 22:24:44 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: I can't say
it is never factored in....we look at all aspects of your week but in
the many years that I have been doing this, we have yet to deny anyone
what they are wanting
2007-02-28 22:25:00 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I agree!
2007-02-28 22:25:09 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: If I deposit a 2br
southern CA coastal resort, but a week in Oct -- could I pull out any
other 2 BR in any season?
2007-02-28 22:25:15 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I hope it never
2007-02-28 22:25:40 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: tim yes
2007-02-28 22:26:05 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Thank you -- I will be
depositing with TPI soon.
2007-02-28 22:26:15 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Thanks
2007-02-28 22:26:42 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Our website
is full of information
2007-02-28 22:27:09 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: if you get a
chance take a look at it......there is information on the benefits of
the VEC, rentals....travel etc..
2007-02-28 22:27:47 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Trading
Places has been in the business of Management, Exchanges, HOA rep, rentals
and travel for over 30 years
2007-02-28 22:28:01 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Is all available
inventory online or do we have to talk to someone at TPI with our specific
request to make sure that everything is covered.
2007-02-28 22:28:08 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: Would a short FAQ
sticky on the forum page be acceptable- Frank and QB ?
2007-02-28 22:28:20 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Marcie, I didn't
realize the online exchange feature was only a few months old. Did you
say everyone's deposits are listed?
2007-02-28 22:28:27 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: for now, I
would talk to a rep....our online system is new...if you don't see there
call us
2007-02-28 22:28:36 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Sounds good
2007-02-28 22:28:48 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: I've been
living on TPI's website. If you want to see what is available check the
Trading Places Exchange Opportunities Board. They don't disappear in
seconds either.

2007-02-28 22:28:53 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Arline, very
new....we just rolled it out not to long ago
2007-02-28 22:29:25 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: If i had an
ongoing request in and you got a deposit of the week i wanted, I imagine that
the week wouldn't show up online - because it would match my week.
2007-02-28 22:29:38 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Is that correct?
2007-02-28 22:30:10 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: this is how
it shoud happen, yes......as with any new system, there is room for
error....we offer our inventory to the requests first then open it up to
the online forum
2007-02-28 22:30:35 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I made a great
trade online yesterday. Paid the upgrade fee for the 2br and it was very
2007-02-28 22:30:49 [Message] tonyg -> Chat Lobby: Marcie, how about
writing up a short FAQ post that can be added as a sticky post to your
forum answering the questions posed tonight.
2007-02-28 22:30:53 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Marcie, you indicated
that once we deposit a week, we have 2 years to pull out an exchange.
Can we pay a fee to extend that time if we haven't used it yet?
2007-02-28 22:30:57 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Soooo..what did ya
get arline????
2007-02-28 22:30:59 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Do you get
much inventory in the midwest, south & southeast?
2007-02-28 22:31:47 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: tim: yes you
can extend your week another year for $109 making it good for 3 years
from the date of the week you deposited
2007-02-28 22:31:56 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Kona Hawaiian
Village to extend our stay, added it to the Kona Coast we own.
2007-02-28 22:32:09 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: great resort
Arline, you will love it
2007-02-28 22:32:22 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Great A, nice
2007-02-28 22:32:55 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I really like the
Schooner! We request 18 months out and get the oceanfront corner unit!
2007-02-28 22:33:46 [Message] wanderer8844 -> Chat Lobby: Arline is the
corner unit a 2 bedroom unit?
2007-02-28 22:33:53 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I wish
2007-02-28 22:33:56 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: There was a rumor
that TPI got seconds behind RCI exchangers at Kona hawaiian Vilage. Is
that true?
2007-02-28 22:34:42 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: There are a lot of
them, as well as other Hawaiian resorts. That's why I love TPI. If
it's available, it's yours!
2007-02-28 22:34:43 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Lawren, what do
you mean - seconds?
2007-02-28 22:35:14 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: no this is
not true...the units are assigned and should not be changed without
notifying us. We actually tested this with a good client of ours who went
down this past week, the unit we gave him is the unit he got
2007-02-28 22:35:14 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: That the unit
numbers weren't being honored.
2007-02-28 22:35:59 [Message] BocaBum99 -> Chat Lobby: Can you tell us
unit numbers assigned for an exchange?
2007-02-28 22:36:05 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Kona hawaiian
village does not show "favortism"
2007-02-28 22:36:41 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: You can go on the
TPI website and request a certain resort. All availability will show up
and you just pick theweek you want. Of course, you have to deposit
2007-02-28 22:36:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: there is no
specific unit numbers assigned for exchange....when one of those owners
banks their week it is randomly assigned
2007-02-28 22:37:01 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Marcie, are you the
person who monitors the TPI board here if we have questions later?
2007-02-28 22:37:09 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes
2007-02-28 22:37:30 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you can also
email me at marcies@tradingplaces.com
2007-02-28 22:37:52 [Message] Steve -> Chat Lobby: Can I see what is
available for exchange on the web site before joining or depositing a
2007-02-28 22:37:59 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: The confirmation
shows the owner's name, though. Do you mean you may not get their actual
2007-02-28 22:38:10 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: I think I
got lost awhile back. Do you get much inventory in the midwest, south &
2007-02-28 22:38:11 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes, but
please dont' rely on just that inventory, call us as well
2007-02-28 22:38:19 [Message] Steve -> Chat Lobby: Thank you
2007-02-28 22:38:33 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: you should
get the unit that was assigned to the owner
2007-02-28 22:38:41 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: ok
2007-02-28 22:38:51 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes, we do
get inventory in the midwest, south and southeast
2007-02-28 22:39:06 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: our exchange
directory is available online
2007-02-28 22:39:49 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Marcie, how close to
actual check in date will you accept a week?
2007-02-28 22:40:04 [Message] basham -> Chat Lobby: Back to the East
Coast - What location would receive the most inventory.?
2007-02-28 22:40:18 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: not that
close...if we feel we can use it we will take it....
2007-02-28 22:41:01 [Message] riverdees05 -> Chat Lobby: How do you
handle three Bedroom units?
2007-02-28 22:41:05 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I think I was told
60 days until use time, when I asked
2007-02-28 22:41:34 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: since 3B's
are not that common, we usually handle it like a 2B upgrade
2007-02-28 22:41:47 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: East coast
2007-02-28 22:42:02 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: I assume our
4BR sleeps 10 would work the same way?
2007-02-28 22:42:27 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: we get new
england area mostly
2007-02-28 22:42:46 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: not sure
Quarterbore......we don't get 4B's
2007-02-28 22:42:46 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: How about Orlando?
2007-02-28 22:42:59 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes, we do
get lots of Orlando and other areas of Florida
2007-02-28 22:44:00 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: I saw a cliff club
4 BRM recently on the exchange site for you. very rare.
2007-02-28 22:44:36 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: sorry
marcie...please let me be clear on this....there is no fee for a guest cert
even if we are not 'paid' members?
2007-02-28 22:44:36 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: with a 4B
unit we would go by sleeping capacity...if your unit sleeps 10, we would
give you accomodations to sleep 10
2007-02-28 22:44:49 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: that is
2007-02-28 22:44:54 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: ty
2007-02-28 22:45:09 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: :bed:
2007-02-28 22:45:26 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: I just figured out
that "ty" is thank you. See, I learn something new each day!
2007-02-28 22:45:28 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: So the list of
Premier Access resorts is small - PA members can trade into Island Park
Village - but IPV is not a member of that network? Is that correct?
2007-02-28 22:45:44 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: tim..thank
you...I just figured that out too!
2007-02-28 22:46:55 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: And tyvm is thank
you very much
2007-02-28 22:46:58 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: GrayFal that
is correct....
2007-02-28 22:47:01 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Does TPI have sometype
of cancellation insurance?
2007-02-28 22:47:16 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: TU
2007-02-28 22:47:28 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes, CSA
travel insurance...we highly recommend it.
2007-02-28 22:47:45 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: they have it
now for condos
2007-02-28 22:48:06 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: do you have a link
for CSA on your website?
2007-02-28 22:48:15 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes
2007-02-28 22:49:13 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Are you connected
to Trading Places Maui?
2007-02-28 22:49:26 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I never dealt with
2007-02-28 22:49:31 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: so bonus
weeks are good for one year, with a six month courtesy extension (one
time), and then we can extend them for another year for $109?
2007-02-28 22:49:34 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: No...we use
to own it, but we sold it to the girls over there years ago
2007-02-28 22:49:46 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: we work them
on a daily basis however
2007-02-28 22:49:50 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Marcie
what are your hours in the office tomorrow so I can call you regarding the
2007-02-28 22:50:00 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: 4ARedOctober
2007-02-28 22:50:32 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: is that one
time per bonus week or one time per member total?
2007-02-28 22:51:05 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: my office
hours are 7 to 3:30 pacific time monday thru friday....however depending
on how long this chat goes....I may sleep in...
2007-02-28 22:51:20 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: one time per
bonus week
2007-02-28 22:51:25 [Message] tim -> Chat Lobby: Well, I'm convinced.
No guest fees, no membership fees. Bonus week with deposits. I will
give TPI a try and see if I can pull out something good. Thanks
2007-02-28 22:51:32 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: :clap:
:thankyou: :clap:
2007-02-28 22:51:41 [Message] BocaBum99 -> Chat Lobby: I agree.
2007-02-28 22:51:50 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: thank you...I
look forward to speaking with you and planning your next vacation
2007-02-28 22:51:56 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I never knew about
the 6 months extention for bonus weeks. We have a bundle of them and
had no idea how we were going to use them all. I need to check on your
Orlando availability and will call. I havn't seen many Florida weeks
2007-02-28 22:52:13 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: call me
2007-02-28 22:52:34 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: I am so there. TPI
members are we. I think poor Marcie had no clue what she was getting
into with TS4Ms.
2007-02-28 22:52:58 [Message] mshatty -> Chat Lobby: :clap: :clap:
:eat: :thankyou: It's timer for :sleep:
2007-02-28 22:52:59 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: This has been
awsome. Thanks for your time with us!
2007-02-28 22:53:04 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: i already
signed up, deposited two weeks, and used a bonus week
2007-02-28 22:53:06 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: I found the chat
very informative, thanks marcie!!
2007-02-28 22:53:08 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: no but it was
fun......and I hope I get to work with all of you...
2007-02-28 22:53:09 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: I think we
will give you a call as well. I was on the border about joining RCI but
this looks much more positive for us.
2007-02-28 22:53:11 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: in hawaii for
this easter
2007-02-28 22:53:15 [Message] rci124 -> Chat Lobby: Thank you
2007-02-28 22:53:22 [Message] odaddy -> Chat Lobby: thanks
2007-02-28 22:53:24 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: all i can say
is WOW
2007-02-28 22:53:35 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Arline I saw a
Cypress Pointe for July on-line today
2007-02-28 22:53:38 [Message] Barbeque -> Chat Lobby: It sounds like to
me we are the customers a refreshing change
2007-02-28 22:53:47 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: :thankyou:
2007-02-28 22:53:54 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Thank you all
of you for your honest, direct questions.....
2007-02-28 22:54:07 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: :clap: :clap:
2007-02-28 22:54:18 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: I look
forward to working with all of you!
2007-02-28 22:54:25 [Message] riverdees05 -> Chat Lobby: Thanks, great
2007-02-28 22:54:26 [Message] cmb -> Chat Lobby: How do I pull my week
out of RCI
2007-02-28 22:54:41 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: cmb, i wish I
could help you with that.....
2007-02-28 22:54:51 [Message] Barbeque -> Chat Lobby: CMB They
already rented your week
2007-02-28 22:54:58 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: I think we're
getting punchy
2007-02-28 22:55:09 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: i have been
holding off depositing a few in RCI....thank goodness I did
2007-02-28 22:55:10 [Message] lawren2 -> Chat Lobby: Goodnite and Thank
you all for joining us.
2007-02-28 22:55:12 [Message] cmb -> Chat Lobby: Yeah, I was kidding -
I'm on WC time
2007-02-28 22:55:15 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Vacation Rep,
Will you please plan to stop in over the next day or two (To the TP
forum) so see if anybody comes up with new questions?
2007-02-28 22:55:17 [Message] wanderer8844 -> Chat Lobby: Thank you
time to:sleep:
2007-02-28 22:55:22 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: TPI is
getting some of my business
2007-02-28 22:55:44 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes, I will
get much better at getting on this site from now on......
2007-02-28 22:55:53 [Message] Arline -> Chat Lobby: Signing off, too.
Good night :sleep:
2007-02-28 22:56:00 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Good night
and thank you
2007-02-28 22:56:10 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: bye
2007-02-28 22:56:26 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: bye happy
2007-02-28 22:56:36 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: OK, I will get
a log of the chat session and post it in the Chat library in the next
few hours!
2007-02-28 22:56:37 [Message] GrayFal -> Chat Lobby: Thanks for your
time and expertise
2007-02-28 22:56:39 [Message] iconnections -> Chat Lobby: Thanks a lot.
2007-02-28 22:56:51 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: I will stick
around if anyone has any more questions....
2007-02-28 22:56:53 [Message] cmb -> Chat Lobby: :thankyou: p bye
2007-02-28 22:56:56 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Goodnight,
it has been a very educational evening for me.
2007-02-28 22:57:37 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Lawren, thank
2007-02-28 22:57:39 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: marcie I will
talk to you tomorrow...you will call me? re my credit card and I have
a few questions
2007-02-28 22:58:00 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Ok...will do.
I wondered which name you were on here.....
2007-02-28 22:58:15 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: Yes
:thankyou: to L2 :clap: :clap:
2007-02-28 22:58:19 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Marcie I
will also be calling you tomorrow.
2007-02-28 22:58:26 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: ok....
2007-02-28 22:59:36 [Message] rci124 -> Chat Lobby: Lawren & Marcie
thank you for your time and work
2007-02-28 22:59:46 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: my
2007-02-28 23:00:24 [Message] rci124 -> Chat Lobby: How often do the
directories get updated
2007-02-28 23:00:45 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: the online
directory every 6 months or so
2007-02-28 23:00:55 [Message] iconnections -> Chat Lobby: Do you still
have Alii Kai in Kauai?
2007-02-28 23:01:25 [Message] rci124 -> Chat Lobby: I have a paper one
dated oct. 6th
2007-02-28 23:02:10 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Yes....we do,
not much of it anymore but we do get it
2007-02-28 23:02:30 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: that is the
latest one we have on the directory
2007-02-28 23:02:54 [Message] iconnections -> Chat Lobby: Thank you.
We stayed there twice and upgraded to a 2 br. It is quite a while ago
but the resort was nice and clean.
2007-02-28 23:04:00 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Marcie you Did a
great thank you.
2007-02-28 23:04:18 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Great Job
2007-02-28 23:04:24 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Thanks......I
enjoyed it....
2007-02-28 23:04:53 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: even though
she was worried about opening a :canworms:
2007-02-28 23:05:22 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: we are not
that bad huh?
2007-02-28 23:05:29 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: You are
2007-02-28 23:05:36 [Message] iconnections -> Chat Lobby: :lmao: John!
She did great.
2007-02-28 23:05:38 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: as i said to
you on the phone
2007-02-28 23:05:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: keep it
2007-02-28 23:06:17 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: iconnections
thank you!
2007-02-28 23:07:10 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: I guess I
will sign out now.....good night....I look forward to your calls tomorrow!
2007-02-28 23:07:23 [Message] 4ARedOctober -> Chat Lobby: thanks again
2007-02-28 23:07:36 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: There were a few
that could not get in but we stil had a very nice turn out.
2007-02-28 23:08:07 [Message] Arkansas Winger -> Chat Lobby: Goodnight
2007-02-28 23:08:11 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: yes we
did......I will make up a FAQ and post it....plus Lawren said we would post
the entire chat, right
2007-02-28 23:08:14 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: Nite
2007-02-28 23:08:25 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: Good Night!
Thanks AGain!
2007-02-28 23:08:28 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: Good night!
2007-02-28 23:08:32 [Message] bigfrank -> Chat Lobby: I believe Ken
saved it
2007-02-28 23:08:52 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby:
2007-02-28 23:08:55 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: thanks
2007-02-28 23:09:02 [Message] Quarterbore -> Chat Lobby: I am
converting the logs to a post at this time... almost done!
2007-02-28 23:09:13 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: wow, you are
on top of it...
2007-02-28 23:09:24 [Message] Vacation Rep -> Chat Lobby: thank
you.....and finally good night!