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Thread: Black Sunday / Golden Sunday

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    [QUOTE=jd2601]I have a peak red week at St. Mike's. I have noticed a huge improvement in trade power in RCI.

    What Saint Mike week do you own? I own week 2 that used to be great. Now I am very disappointed. I deposited my 2007 week and it trades the same as the 06 week that I deposited in December.

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    I have 2 bedroom week 25. I have always deposited over a year out. I hope the trade power from last year will continue.

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    My South Africa weeks trade like dogs. Loufeld Lodge and Sea Pointer. Glad to hear other high rated resorts are trading better.

    My RCI guy told me Dikolo and Sudwala still are good traders. Buff/Scott

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    I have one SA left a week 2, peak 1BR and I thought that post Black Sunday it would trade like gangbusters! Well I deposited it about 9 months out - I would have deposited it over 12 months but the resort gave me 'we don't have our calendar set for 2007.' It always amazes me how difficult it can be to deposit a fixed week in SA.
    I digress, the week traded like a dog and after two weeks I was able to pull it out of the bank and will redeposit with one of the independents. RCI is continuing to reward me!

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