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Thread: Q: 2 - Heres my full answer!

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    26. How many points does a person get for a $25 annual donation? 10,000

    Silver Contributor*: $25 contribution to help support the website provides:
    Attachments limit increased to a 5MB limit
    Personal messages increased to 150
    Avatar to 125 x 125 (animated OK)
    8MB Photo Server Space
    10,000 TS4MS Points

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    25. List one seller that has a Classified listed for a Florida resort?

    Posted By: OnMedic

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    24. Name a member that has won something using the site Bookie program?

    ArtsieAng has won a total of 200

    basham has won a total of 120
    mshatty has won a total of 100
    Quarterbore has won a total of 100

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    23. How many points does it cost to play a game on the site?

    Timeshare Forums

    Arcade - Simon - Item Cost: 46.00

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    Will be back to this question

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    21. Who has the most TS4MS points?

    1,321.71 180,577.89 181,899.60

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    20 Can you OPT OUT of some forums in your "New Posts" or "Today's Posts" search?


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    Will get back to this question

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    18. Featuring your ad on the website for 14-days costs how many credits (2)

    Feature Ad Package #1 - 1 Credits

    This package will allow your ad to be featured for 7 day(s).
    Feature Ad Package #2 - 2 Credits

    This package will allow your ad to be featured for 14 day(s).

    Feature Ad Package #3 - 3 Credits
    This package will allow your ad to be featured for 30 day(s).

    Featuring Ads:

    On the navigation bar there is also a link that will allow members to feature an advertisement. Featuring your advertisement will cause your ad to be randomly shown on most pages of the website as well as on the left side of the classifieds page itself. The cost of featuring an ad depends on the length of time that you wish to feature your advertisement.

    At this point there are no reality tests in the Featured Ad code making it possible for a member to feature another person's ad, to feature an ad that is already closed, or to allow a member to feature the same ad several times. This will be recoded soon to address some of these issues but until this is addressed, please use care to ensure that you are featuring the ad you think you are!

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    17. Who are the moderator(s) of "Computer and Photography Help" forum

    Moderators : 4

    JWC, Keitht, Timesharetalk, iconnections

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