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Thread: Picture's of Sienna and Assisi, Italy

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    Picture's of Sienna and Assisi, Italy

    Ok this is the first one of many that I will be posting, I am doing these from my CD and I can not see the images, I only see the #'s.

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    Frank, the picture is beautiful and so is the charming town Sienna. It is not a Square but more like the Crescent in Bath, GB.

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    Here is a few from Assisi, I have better but I need to find them.

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    Frank, they are beautiful and I was wondering when you were starting to tell us about your trip but I know now that you had computer problems.

    I am a photo nut so keep posting the pictures but tell us your story too. It must have been great meeting relatives.

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    Your pictures are just beautiful! I'm sure you had a wonderful time, it's such a lovely place!

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    Great pictures Frank hope you had a great time!!!!!!!

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    Wow, great pictures, really beautiful. That last one looks almost like an "oil on canvas."

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    BTW, I'm still keeping track of how many times you annoy me.

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    Nice pics Frank. thanks for posting, hope there are more.
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    Those are some great pics... really great!

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    Great pictures Frank, donít you wish your body could still be were your mind still is. Sienna and Assisi.
    It looks like you hade a great time.
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